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Why CTCA Deems Accurate Cancer Education So Necessary

Lowering the high cancer mortality rate is just one of the many reasons why CTCA deems accurate cancer education so necessary. The public needs to have access for obtaining useful and factual health information. With this highly digital age that we live in, many private citizens have access to a computer. Lots of individuals prefer to research any health information online using the Internet. WebMD is a common destination for web browsers looking up accurate health and cancer statistics, treatment options, cancer specialists information and more. This webpage is adamant about only posting health information and treatment details that they can prove came from legitimate sources.

While people should be careful regarding any information they find online, Cancer Treatment Centers of America has an awesome website that they update constantly with new information on cancer topics, supportive services and other helpful tips. This long time cancer treatment leader has been willing to share their cancer research and study details with other cancer treatment providers everywhere. With WebMD, CTCA is providing well written cancer topic articles in an easy-read format specially formatted for easier comprehension by the reader. Cancer Treatment Centers of America stays on the cutting edge on new methods with treatments, care and cancer education.

WebMD is recognized as a go-to website for someone wanting credible health details. Their partnership with CTCA is proving to be popular with Internet users all around the world. Most younger individuals do prefer using technology to assist them in research and obtaining the information that they seek. CTCA has already provided WebMD with great new information on many types of various and interesting cancer topics. They hope to post more similar articles in the near future. The main goal of these health informative cancer articles is to get a conversation started in the public sector about cancer.

When more individuals know the common signs of some cancers, more of them are apt to seek proper medical treatment. Without a fast diagnosis, many cancers spread too far for a complete remission after initial diagnosis. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is still fully committed to giving the public informative cancer statistics, current and coming treatment options and supportive measures known to aid in staying strong and healthy during cancer treatments. More people trust CTCA when it comes to delivering sound cancer information that the average reader can really understand. WebMD and CTCA care both credible.

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If You Plan To Invest In Bitcoin, Listen To What Paul Mampilly Has To Say First.

Cryptocurrency is an important development as the move to digitize currency is on and some are looking for ways to get around government regulations and interest rates. Bitcoin is the start of this revolution, and stock investor Paul Mampilly has taken a close look at it. Mampilly has a bright outlook on cryptocurrency stocks, and he even said in an article that he would have recommended buying Bitcoin stocks prior to their big rise in 2017, but now he’s changing his tune. He said that Bitcoin has now gotten so popular that its price is too high above what it should be. It’s a bubble effect that was also seen in dot-com companies back in 2000 and the housing market in 2008, and Mampilly said Bitcoin is going to suffer the same fate as those investments. He did say there’s another cryptocurrency out there you can invest in, but only newsletter subscribers are given information on it.

Paul Mampilly manages his own portfolio and also writes tutorials on how people can buy their own stocks without going through a broker. He started writing newsletters for new investors because he no longer wanted to serve only the top 1% of Wall Street investors. He had quite a remarkable career beginning at Deutsche Bank in investment banking research, and then becoming a special advisor to fortune 500 clients and executives at ING, Banker’s Trust and Sears. Mampilly became well-known when he helped raise public offerings at Kinetics International Fund bringing their AUM from $6 billion to $25 billion, and Barron’s magazine cited this firm as having investment returns reaching up to 40%. Mampilly also invested $50 million in the 2008 Templeton Foundation competition and won the grand prize for gaining 76%, and doing so all while the recession was turning the stock market downward.

Paul Mampilly began writing newsletters through the Banyan Hill platform in 2016 because this financial resource company offered information at far less the cost than most other investing journals. It also gave him the opportunity to give his followers insights into his portfolio and show which stocks are performing well. Some stocks he’s picked in their infancy stage that made a lot of money for him include Facebook, Netflix, and most notably Sarepta Therapeutics whose stock gained over 1,000% when Mampilly sold it. His main newsletter “Profits Unlimited” has over 60,000 subscribers many of which have written glowing reviews about them.

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Jorge Moll Further Explores the Science of Giving

Model Petra Nemcova recalls her devastating loss as she and her fiancé Simon Atlee were on vacation in Thailand. The couple were taking in the beauty of the country and enjoying each other’s company when a deadly tsunami devastated the country and killed more than 23,000 people. Simon Atlee was unfortunately one of the victims, and the day after the tsunami, Nemcova was transported to a hospital to treat a broken pelvis and severe internal bleeding.

Less than a year later, after spending time recovering in the hospital and in the Czech Republic with the help of her parents, Petra returned to Thailand, intent on helping children whose lives had been impacted by the disaster. This supports the notion that there is a driving force within us that wants to help others, even when it would be more convenient to stay to ourselves to further ensure our safety. However, there is scientific data to support the fact that helping others helps us find meaning in life and can even assist us in overcoming our own challenges.

Researchers at the University of California Berkeley are beginning to challenge the widely held belief that humans are inherently selfish. There is more and more evidence that proves that human beings are in fact involving into individuals who are community-minded and compassionate, and that this is becoming the method by which we thrive and continue to sustain ourselves.

National Institute of Health neuroscientist Jorge Moll and his research partner Jordan Grafman conducted an experiment in which people were faced with the choice to donate a large sum of money or keep the money for themselves. Moll brought Grafman’s attention to an email that revealed that people actually felt better after giving the money away, even if they thought they’d feel better by keeping it.

Jorge Moll is a native of Brazil and has worked with several other professionals in his field to study the way that the brain works. Moll is particularly interested in finding out what motivates humans to be charitable and has confirmed that giving occupies a pleasure center in the brain, in the same way that sex and food does (Jorgemoll). Moll is also committed to further exploring why giving and being considerate helps to fuel or success.


The RealReal Shows its Value and Gets Funding

One of the most important aspects of business is getting funding. It is very rare for a business to get off the ground without backing from any investors. The RealReal is one of the companies that manages to show that it is worthy of the backing that it has received. One thing that the founders of the company have shown is that they have a passion for their business. They have used their passion to do some research and think of a plan that can help them make the money they need in order to grow the business and move forward with other projects.

When The RealReal has gained the latest funding, it did not get it from the previous players. This time around, Great Hill Partners has provided the funding so that The RealReal can proceed to its next phase of business which is providing people with pop-up locations. This type of concept seems to be working well. One of the reasons that people are using this concept is that it brings about a greater since of excitement in customers. They will feel more compelled to use this event in order to get the products that they want.

One thing that is important in business is to make the customer feel compelled to take advantage of the opportunities that are presented before them. One of the ways to do this is by giving them the impression that the items are available for a limited time. The RealReal is very good at not only providing people with luxury items but also bringing out a sense of urgency in the customers so that they will be more likely to shop at the company and enjoy all of the products that are available. The RealReal shows itself to be the opportunity people need to change their lives.

How Anthony Petrello Has Changed Lives

Anthony Petrello is very different compared to the successful corporate leaders in the United States. The businessman is not even popular in the American households. Unlike most prominent figures, Tony Petrello does not fill the American televisions with long speeches. The businessman, however, remains one of the most authoritative figures in the corporate world. Unlike the renowned politicians who like fame in the country, the businessman has remained very quiet about his progress in the market. The businessman is an important part of the American society that is never appreciated.

Several years ago, Anthony Petrello was considered to be the top paid chief executive officer in the United States. According to several newsletters, the businessman was getting more than sixty eight million dollars every month while working as the Chief Executive Officer of a company known as Nabors Industries. The institution specializes in oil and natural gas, and it has been very successful in the recent times due to the leadership provided by Tony Petrello.

The energy department is famed to be one of the most successful sectors in the modern times. The few individuals who have invested in this area are currently very successful in the recent times, and they attract the attention of people in the society. The success enjoyed by professionals in this department attracts admiration and envy from people. The wealthy individuals in this department are known for their corrupt ways. However, those who have worked with Tony Petrello in the past know him as an honest and completely humble individual who is worth every penny he gets. Although he is rich and influential in the society, the businessman has remained very humble and honest.

Tony Petrello has a special child who was diagnosed with an incurable medical condition several years ago. The girl was born prematurely, and she was underweight. Doctors have not been able to come up with the right medical care for the children living with similar conditions in the past. Tony and his wife have been donating huge sums of money to hold medical research for the people living with similar health conditions. Tony Petrello understands the challenges faced by the parents with these children, and this is why he has been focusing on assisting the affected communities. The businessman is famed and respected among the people in the country because of his involvement in philanthropy. Just recently, the businessman assisted many people who were affected by Hurricane Harvey in the United States.

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Paul Mampilly Detects Two More Megatrends

One of the secrets to Paul Mampilly’s success as a investor is finding and profiting from megatrends. Change is a constant in our society, and those changes inevitably affect companies and how they do business. The Internet itself is a megatrend that has drastically affected the economy and the world. Paul Mampilly enjoys finding the companies that will profit the most from these megatrends, and revealing them to the readers of his investing newsletter, Profits Unlimited, from Banyan Hill Publishing. Helping ordinary people turn thousands of dollars into hundreds of thousands of dollars is his goal for the newsletter.

In earlier articles, Paul Mampilly wrote about three megatrends: the rising of the millennial generation, the Internet of Things and precision medicine. In a recent blog post from Thanksgiving, he reveals he has discovered two more megatrends, and they will help guide his stock recommendations for 2018 and beyond.

The first of these new megatrends Paul Mampilly found is financial technology, or fintech. The biggest element in this one is the blockchain. The inventor of Bitcoin, Satashi Nakamoto, figured out how to use blockchain technology so people could safely transfer money easily, quickly and privately, without involving any third parties such as banks, government agencies, credit cards or payment processors. All financial transactions using Bitcoin are stored on a database that is distributed across many different computers, not just those belonging to a third-party. The transaction is not approved until it’s validated across the entire system. This makes fraud next to impossible. The ironic part is, Satoshi’s blockchain solution to the problem of maintaining cryptocurrency security can be adapted to many uses. Banks and other financial institutions are quickly adopting it. Even governments are planning to issue their own cryptocoins. In the future, Satoshi will be revered as the inventor of the blockchain even if Bitcoin itself is forgotten.

The second of the new megatrends discovered by Paul Mampilly is new sources of energy. He’s especially interested in energy that is storable and renewable, so that includes solar and wind power, geothermal and energy from ocean waves. New storage batteries to power electric cars are being developed. Much of this power will be local, so it does not overburden the current energy grid, which must be revamped to handle the demands for energy in the future. Both the Internet of Things megatrend and the blockchain megatrend will demand huge amounts of energy.

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Mathematical Expert Michael Lacey

Michael Lacey is a prominent American mathematician who currently follows his career path with Georgia Tech. He is part of the faculty there and puts his PhD to work as a mentor. He graduated from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1987, under the guidance of Walter Philipp.

In the years following his graduation, he worked in fields regarding probability, ergodic theory and harmonic analysis, the latter of which is said to be the most important. Read more: Michael Lacey | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey |Math Alliance

Lacey began his first two jobs soon after graduation at Louisiana State University, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, respectively. Lacey and Phillips were able to show evidence of central limit theorem, which is a very important step in American mathematics.

He moved on to a position at Indiana University where he remained from 1989 to 1996. It is there that he received a National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship. It was under this fellowship that he began his research on bilinear Hilbert transform. He, along with others, received the Salem Prize for solving the transform. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Georgia Tech hired Lacey in 1996, and he remains an integral part of the faculty today. He was acknowledged by numerous awards for his work. Two of those prestigious awards are the Guggenheim and the Simons Foundations.

His work at Georgia Tech also includes director of training grants such as VIGRE and MCTP. These grants have helped dozens of undergraduates, graduates and postdoc students. His work with PhD students as an advisor has helped them go on to careers that include academic and industry jobs.

Lacey’s main interests include Harmonic Analysis and Probability with an expert concentration on pure mathematics.

His position at Indiana University includes mentoring pre-doctoral and doctoral students. He has been a member of the American Mathematical Society since 1996.

The Popular Rock Music Drummer in Brazil-Cassio Audi

Cassio Audi is a Brazilian who is well known for his iconic role in the rock music industry. He played a big role in the rock music development of the resounding and emphatic beats there is even today. Cassio Audi pioneered in the creation of the massive sound that produces electrifying sound beats. As a teenager in the 1980s, Cassio formed a band with four of his friends that were known as the Viper Rock Band. The group rose to be one of the most renowned rock music bands in Brazil during its time.

Cassio Audi’s Involvement in the Viper Rock Band

Further, the group which was formally launched in 1985 had its music inspired by the famous rock music from Britain that was performed by Iron Maiden. Cassio propelled the band to the limelight through his exceptional talent in handling the drum which sent the crowns desiring for more of their music. Again, the rock music fans in Brazil adored Cassio Audi for producing the great instrumental sounds, a factor that made their performances widely coveted.

Viper group launched their first album in 1985 which was a demo album that they used to test their capabilities. This was after Cassio Audi, and his team visited a presenter that had a direct influence on Brazil’s rock music in Sao Paulo. The presenter ran a program that was known as the ‘Praca Do Rock’ where the Viper band presented and were given a chance to perform for two days in SP Metal Project. This was a major motivation to the group and is what led them to launch the demo album.

Moreover, the demo album that was known as the ‘Killera Sword’ was a great hit that it got to be played on the radio. It was loved by many rock fans which further motivated the band to produce their first album that was titled ‘The Soldiers of Sunrise’. Again, Cassio Audi was involved in the creation of the album where he composed one of the tracks. Additionally, the record was equally a great hit that earned the band more popularity that went outside the borders of Brazil. However, Cassio Audi’s music career came to an end in 1989 when he left for college to pursue his education.Here

Serial Entrepreneur Shervin Pishevar

If you haven’t already heard of Shervin Pishevar, he is a visionary technology entrepreneur, as well as the Co-founder of two successful companies, Hyperloop Technologies, and Sherpa Capital. Also, he is a start-up advisor and an incubation expert who has helped many companies realize their full potential, and lastly, he is an angel investor. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, angel investors are affluent individuals, who have made it their mission to help early-stage businesses thrive by providing capital in exchange for convertible debt or ownership, and most importantly, they are a godsend to startup businesses. In fact, Shervin Pishevar has helped many entrepreneurs, and early stage businesses, turn their business dreams into fruition, which not surprising, considering his track record for success.

Prior to Co-founding two successful companies, and becoming a serial entrepreneur, Pishevar began his career with Menlo Ventures. In his role as a managing partner, Pishevar played an integral role in launching the Menlo Talent Fund, which is a $20 million-dollar fund aimed at helping qualified company founders generate networking opportunities and build capital. In a article, Shervin Pishevar details the parameters of the fund; he states that the $20 million will be converted into $200,000-dollar allotments that will be given to specific companies. He also goes on to say that 8 companies have already earned their share of the $20 million-dollar fund.

Pishevar began his entrepreneurial journey by launching a succession of technology-enabled companies like HyperOffice,, and Social Gaming Network. These technology-based online companies provided Pishevar with a low barrier to entry while yielding high profits. In fact, collectively, these various entrepreneurial endeavors generated nearly $50 million in revenue. Also, Pishevar previously worked for the Montgomery County Board of Education, in Maryland, serving as an elected member and VP Pro Tempore.

In this role with the county board of education, Pishevar was tasked with managing and directing county schools, and also, managing a budget of $1 billion dollars. As far as his background is concerned, Shervin Pishevar is an Iranian-America who studied at the famed University of California, Berkley and graduated with a B.A. in interdisciplinary studies. After completing his studies, he produced written work that would later be published in JAMA (Journal of American Medical Association), and soon after, began his career in business.

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Glen Wakeman an Inspiring Mentor for Budding Entrepreneurs

Glen Wakeman is a highly accomplished businessman with vast experience in leadership, governance, human resource and risk management. He has over the years assisted budding entrepreneurs to kick-start their business. He brings over two decades of entrepreneurial experience having had an incredible career, check also Glen started his meteoric rise at a young age by joining the University of Scranton to study BS in Economics and Finance and after that completing his MBA from the University of Chicago.

In his illustrious career, Glen has held different positions in his long career in business such as being an Executive Mentor, Investor, Writer, Small Business Owner, Board Member and Public Company CEO. One of his most renown stories is the founding of LaunchPad Holdings which is a company that assists budding entrepreneurs in putting their business ideas into a practical plan through a software platform. Having lived in more than five countries and traveled to more than 30 nations, Glen brings an international perspective to these young entrepreneurs.

Glen is also the President and founder of Nova Four which is a company that provides strategic advice on how to get funding for new businesses. He aims to improve the firms by coaching CEOs on how to run their businesses in efficient and effective ways. The CEOs are taken through an intensive training program to enable them to mitigate the difficulties of developing companies.

Also, as a talented writer and inventor, Glen post in his blogs matters on emerging markets and international fiscal issues. He uses his many years of experience to advise his followers in these blogs about strategy, management, and administration. Glen is a mentor that any budding entrepreneurs would immensely benefit by subscribing to his platforms and get advice. He had over the decades dealt with successful business leaders.