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President of OSI Group-David McDonald

Otto migrated to the United States and two years later he established Otto &Sons meat firm which was located in Illinois. The organization had a humble beginning and it would later expand to one of the largest meat processing companies in the region and across the world. The company has been succeeding in the food industry over the years and they have been attributing their success and achievement to the leadership of the food firm. David McDonald is one of the leaders at Otto & Sons which is now OSI Industries.

David McDonald is the President and the Chief Operating Officer of the firm. For over 30 years Mr. David has been serving at OSI Group. After his high school graduation, Mr. McDonald knew what he wanted to pursue at the University. He joined Iowa University where he graduated with a degree in Animal Science. After his graduation, he joined OSI where he began his career and he would quickly climb the career ladder because he is a go-getter and very committed to his day to day duties. David McDonald believes in growth and that is why he has continued to take OSI to higher levels in the food sector. As the President and the Chief Operating Officer, Mr. David McDonald has achieved a lot including the expansion of OSI in other regions as well as the acquisition of other food groups.

During his tenure, David has witnessed the purchase of Baho Food which is a Dutch company dealing with deli meat and other snacks. When OSI Group purchased the Dutch food company which has five affiliates and has operations in 18 countries, David said that it the best opportunity for OSI to penetrate the Europe market. Another big acquisition is the Tyson Food plant and also launching of one of the largest poultry plants in China. Besides the purchase of the organizations and the poultry plant, David has been in the front line of leading the organization in making profits. In 2012 the firm expanded their Poland meat plant with about 30% increase, constructing a new food processing firm in India, Geneva, and Hungary. His leadership has not only come with achievements of purchasing and expanding their market but also winning Awards among them the Global Honor which OSI Group has won for three consecutive years. David is a family man, he is married and they are blessed with six children.

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HCR Wealth Advisors, Guiding the Future of Your Children Through Sound Financial Tips

Educating kids about financial and money management is something that many parents have brushed off, thinking that their children are either too young, won’t understand, or aren’t interested. However, according to HCR Wealth Advisors, this idea is inaccurate because the smarter children are when it comes to money management, the better the financial decisions they’ll likely make when they are grown. Fortunately, HCR Wealth Advisors guides parents who have no idea about where to start a financial education by sharing tips on how they can teach their child about finance. These tips are found below.

Payments for Everyday Errands

Many parents just give cash to their kids whenever they ask for it. HCR Wealth Advisors advise against this and suggest that parents should pay their kids for completing chores. This way they will begin to understand that there is no free money in this world from early on. They’ll grow up knowing that you cannot subsist on handouts as an adult, but you have to work and earn it. This mindset can help turn them into responsible adults.

Equip Them with Budgeting Tips

If you pay them for chores done well and neglect to teach them about budgeting, they will be unaware of how to create savings and instead spend all of their money as soon as they earn it. Teach them about the essence of budgeting. Tell them to make a list of their expenses and the cost of each on one side and then divide the allowance you gave them to suit their list. This will not only help them learn to cater to the essential expenses over luxuries, but they’ll learn to save the money they don’t have to spend.

Other tips include opening a savings account with them where they can save the extra money they have after they budget and teaching them about the essence of investing and how they can do it.

About HCR Wealth Advisors

Established in 1988, according to, HCR Wealth Advisors is an experienced registered investment advisory firm that has been helping clients achieve their financial objectives through various investment approaches. For over two decades, the firm has been delivering quality service to its clientele by creating personalized financial plans and investment strategies which are customized to suit the requirements of the client.

That means the strategies used to help one customer may be different from any other and, as such, it has helped many different types of clients achieve financial stability without having to break the bank. HCR Wealth Advisors focuses on creating lifelong bonds with each and every client, establishing trust by delivering high-quality service.

Get your personalized financial solutions from HCR Wealth Advisors:

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Remarkable Anti-Aging Contributions of Dr. Dov Rand

Dr. Dov Rand, West Orange, NJ Bioidentical Hormone Specialist, is the President of Health Aging Medical Centers. He earned his Doctor of Medicine Degree from Albert Einstein College of Medicine. For his specialty, he has been certified by the Anti-aging Medical Board in Anti-Aging medicine. His contributions to the field are quite remarkable and help many people (Premiergazette).

Dr. Dov Rand helps patients who suffer with age related health issues that greatly impact the quality of their everyday life. With aging come many health related changes, many of which, are unpleasant at best. His patients may complain of symptoms including, but not limited to, erectile dysfunction, muscle atrophy, mental fogginess, as well as the many symptoms associated with menopause. Dr. Dov Rand’s expertise and dedication has been greatly beneficial to the aging men and women who have been treated by him.

Dr. Dov Rand has taken an approach to treating these age related issues with both an integrative and regenerative approach. In his research he found that the body possesses hormones that can work in ways that are more beneficial as we age and those that can begin to function in ways that can bring about negative effects. The hormone levels of DHEA, human growth hormone, thyroid hormone, progesterone, testosterone, and estrogen can greatly decrease with age. Dr. Dov Rand has determined that by bringing these hormone levels back into the upper percentile of their optimal range, the patient’s health is greatly improved.

The way that Dr. Dov Rand accomplishes this is through the implementation of bioidentical hormones, cardiovascular exercises to increase lung capacity, and strength training to increase lean body mass and lower fat. The HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) diet, developed by a British physician in 1954, is also implemented in the event that Dr. Dov Rand determines a patient has been unable to lose stubborn fat through a more balanced diet and exercise alone. Men may also receive andropause treatment, have male hormone optimization therapy, and participate in programs especially designed for men’s health and wellness. Dr. Dov Rand’s approach has been found to be safe and effective.


David McDonald Initiates Global Expansion at OSI Group

The global expansion of a company depends on the leadership skills of the managers. OSI Group, a leading global food provider that has been in the industry for decades has exponentially expanded its horizons into different countries and continents. The company has adopted this strategy with the sole intention of garnering vast resources.

Background Information

Additional reasons for the expansion of the company lie in attaining the objective of satisfying the needs of clients as, over the years, there has been a tremendous growing demand for meat-based products. As a private business, the company has managed to reach out to different client bases thanks to one David McDonald who serves as the president.

The Early Life of David McDonald

David McDonald was born and raised in the busy farms of Iowa. When he was of age, he attended the local public Iowa University and graduated with first class honors. After which, he earned the Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award. Having majored in animal science, he garnered vast skills in agriculture. Therefore, he joined OSI Industries in Chicago and worked his way up the leadership ladder. At last, he was appointed the president and chief operating officer.

Contributing to Community Development

David McDonald joined OSI Industries with the sole intention of building a career and connecting his community with some of the best services the world can offer. Therefore, he majored in community development by involving himself in agriculture entrepreneurship where he initiated a project based on disseminating critical knowledge regarding the benefits of farming in our communities. The China-based project was an instrumental initiative made to grow the economy of the country as well.

Contribution to OSI’s development

Similarly, McDonald has been on the forefront of guiding OSI Group through the multiple global expansion projects it has had over the years. As the president of the firm, he has always had a grand vision for the company as he has made OSI Group a world-leading provider of meat and animal protein. Through his leadership skills and ability to incorporate various leadership strategies, he has managed to help OSI Group reach more than 17 countries in a short duration. Other than that, McDonald has initiated various community-based projects to oversee the development of the company.

The Overview

McDonald is a revered business leader who utilizes his wealth of knowledge in growing OSI Group’s client base. He has succeeded because of his tremendous support to the company and his belief of partnership.

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Jose Hawilla: Steps To Achieving Success As An Entrepreneur

Are you interested in starting your own business? Do you wan to start an investment portfolio and achieve success in the business world? Perhaps you have heard about Jose Hawilla or other highly successful person and are wondering how to emulate them.


Every day, many people research entrepreneurs and their organizations in order to learn what works and what doesn’t. It is extremely important to have a good understanding of the steps that you can take to reach your goal.


There are certain traits and characteristics that all successful people possess. By learning and implementing these skills and traits in your own situation you can improve your chances of success.


Do you know how Hawilla and many other successful entrepreneurs handle adversities? It is important to know that all successful people have something in common – they do not let temporary failure or setback discourage them from staying on track.


If you truly want to reach your goal in any endeavor, you should not allow obstacles to stop you from pursuing your dream. Learn from setbacks or obstacles and keep moving towards your goal.


If you study Jose Hawilla or any other successful entrepreneur, you will certainly discover that these people do not let naysayers or negative people get in their way. They don’t value the opinion of pessimists. Instead, they turn to positive people for inspiration. To see more you can visit


Make it a top priority to emulate highly successful entrepreneurs and form the habit of surrounding yourself with positive people. Never let naysayers or pessimists interfere in your plans to improve your life. By associating with success-minded people, individuals, who will encourage and motivate you, you will have the confidence to keep moving towards your goal.



If you study Jose Hawilla, you will have a good understanding of what entrepreneur is all about. Jose Hawilla sets goals and puts his all into achieving them. Jose Hawilla is determined to make his business succeed. He does what is required in order to achieve the success he desires. And he does not allow obstacles or setbacks to stop him.




How thr Fagali’I Airport is Changing Flights

If you are thinking of traveling in the near future, you’re going to want to think about choosing the Fagali’I Airport. This amazing airport has been a trusted option for a lot of people in the past and has only grown since its inception a long time ago. In fact, there have been a lot of people interested in making use of this for themselves and knowing that this airport is the right choice for them. Once you have made this decision for yourself, you’ll find that flying is a whole lot more enjoyable because of the benefits that can be seen with the Fagali’I Airport.

The great thing about this option is that there are a lot of different people who are using this for themselves and finding it to be a great choice for their needs. There are a whole lot of people right now who are making use of this and knowing that they are choosing a great choice for their every need. Once you’ve done this, you’re going to find that it helps you out and gets you exactly what you need when traveling. This is why the Fagali’I Airport option is right for them and know that this is something that they are going to find to be quite beneficial in a lot of different ways.

There are a ton of reasons to give the Fagali’I Airport a try when you’ll be traveling. Not only does this airport have a variety of amenities and features, but it is going to be important for you when you are going to be booking a flight and know that this is something that is ideal for your every need. Once you have made use of this option for yourself, you’re going to want to take a look at this and see why it is as popular as it can help you with the most important travel options available to you. Now is a good time for you to make use of this for yourself and to see why this is something that is going to help you out.

The End Citizen United Raised Eleven Million Dollars To Make Sure

The End Citizen United is trying not to let billionaires take over the election voting. They have about seven board members who wants to stop the billionaires from taking over the United States election. These board member are native Americans who live in the United States since birth. The End Citizen United wants the billionaires to stop with the madness and learn that the United States should be using a great deal of money from the corporation who is spending it. They need to stop and focus on the people who is living in this beautiful land. This is the land of the free and they should keep providing for the natives who stay in this nation.

The End Citizen United mission is to end big corporations who are in politics and using the United States money for elections that are being funded by the states and federal. The United States spend tax payers money on elections when voting for the right person who is running for office. This should have been done the right way and this is not a competition on who is the richest. The End Citizens United wants to end it and keep our nation growing. I think that each politic group should come together to support the American dream.

End Citizen United raised eleven million dollars to make sure that democracy party will stay in the Untied States who the people have voted for. This movement started in March 2015. They want to keep the Democratic party in office. While the Republican is trying to get rid of the Democratic party. The End Citizen United wants all the people in the United States to make a minimum donations keep the party going. The End Citizen United wants each American to donate about five dollars to keep the Democratic party in the United States. They will spend about 38 million dollars for 2018.

James Bopp is the president of the End Citizen United. He is a lawyer who wanted to make a movie about the Hillary story but one of the judge said “No”. He compared the movie to the 60 minutes show. Which made a very unfair agreement on the subject of a powerful women who loves her country and had a husband who was our former president. James Bopp is a great lawyer who supports the Americans who live here in the United States.

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Milan Kordestani CEO And Founder Of Milan Farms

The Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Milan Farms is Milan Kordestani. He writes on the topics of politics, agriculture and mental health for the Huffington Post. He competes nationwide as a horseman and is excellent at it.

Kordestani lives in California Bay Area. He attended Phillips Brooks Elementary school in California. In 2017 Milan graduated from Sacred Heart Preparatory High School in Atherton and is currently attending college. He grew up in Stanford, California, the place of his birth. Milan moved to London, England, with his family in 2009, after his parents were divorced. He attended Eaton Square School. Milan returned to the Bay Area in 2010.

At the age of 10, Milan Kordestani developed a love affair with horses and began riding them. While riding a horse on a trail, he was thrown off the horse. Being thrown off a runaway horse did not discourage Milan from riding horses. He got up and rode a horse back to the camp.

According to Betts Coup of The National Horseman, Milan Kordestani is a hard dedicated worker who has an effortless form and has a need to ride horses that are world-class.

After taking riding lessons in Atherton for just a short time, Milan Kordestani began competing with world champion horses. While riding his horse, Ch His Supreme Reflection, he was successful in winning the first leg of the triple crown.

Milan Kordestani founded Milan Farms during his second year as a sophomore in high school. His company specialized in poultry production, saffron, and eggs. He connected with many farms throughout the country. Milan was the first saffron farmer to increase the spice by putting the roots in the water on a microfiber sponge.

The goal of Milan Farms is to give consumers a genuine choice in the products they purchase. Milan Farms is devoted to being open and transparent in the way it raises its animals. The customer should know explicitly what they need when it comes to choosing what they buy. The customers are to be given an honest choice that is instantly available, telling them how the animal is raised.


Stream Energy Creates Philanthropic Arm

Stream Energy has created a new philanthropic foundation and in order to assist the victims of a hurricane Harvey in the city of Dallas Texas. They have partnered with another company, Hope Supply company so that they would be able to reduce the levels of homelessness that have been affecting the city since the devastation of the hurricane last year. The new philanthropic foundation that has been founded by Stream Energy is known as stream cares.

Through our partnership with @hopesupplyco.dfw Stream donated more than 300 toys and gifts to homeless children in the DFW metroplex. A big’ thank you’ to our Stream employees who volunteered their time at Hope Supply Co. by sorting and wrapping toys and gifts. Tis the season to spread hope and cheer!

A post shared by Stream (@mystreamsocial) on

It was less than one year ago that hurricane Harvey came through the state of Texas and dropped nearly 5 feet worth of rain on various neighborhoods throughout the state. In particular, the city of Houston was affected drastically. Individuals throughout the city were completely powerless as they watched their homes be destroyed. This inspired the Texan-based company Stream Energy to begin its own version of corporate philanthropy. This is not uncommon as the company has a history of doing things in order to help the community it is a part of. Stream Energy is a direct selling energy company.

The aftermath of hurricane Harvey has given the energy company a chance to demonstrate how they can use the money that they generate to help their community. They believe that it is important for them to give more than just money back to the communities they serve. They have launched a separate entity known as stream cares in order to service their philanthropic efforts. There are some advantages to creating a separate entity for their philanthropic endeavors. Statistically, corporations in the United States of America are some of the most generous entities in the entire nation. In 2016 corporations were listed as donating $19 billion to charities and nonprofits throughout the country. This number does not include the amount of money that was also dedicated towards corporate sponsorship and marketing.

The business model of the Stream Energy is relatively simple. They sell energy directly to clients and uses a network of clients in order to deliver their services and products. They provide both residential and corporate services. The associates who work for the company are paid on commission from the sales that they produce.

The Five Things You Should Say “No” to While Working With Market America

You might have scored your dream job with Market America, but that does not mean you should be a pushover. You are allowed to say “no” to things while on the job. Below you will find several examples of what and when you should say “no.”

1) Do you know what one of the seven most expensive words in business is?

“We have always done it that way.”

Sometimes selling a tech product will become moot. You need to know when your selling techniques are ineffective and when you should walk away. Beating a dead horse affects your bottom line and your product value.

2) You need to find out your goals and what is expected of you at Market America. Selling tech products is one thing. Do you need to do anything else? Are you required to go above and beyond in certain situations? Your goal is to find this out. Those who are not working towards a specific goal in Market America should consider doing something else.

3) Some places might hold unnecessary meetings. A recent survey finds that more than 70% of all company workers find their meetings unproductive, boring, and not needed. You need to ask the people at Market America what your meetings will be like. Signing on with a company that holds unnecessary and unproductive meetings will be counter-inducive to your growth.

4) Your work is important, but so is your personal life. Checking your email 24/7 is going to grow tired and exhaustive. You need to put your phone down and do something else. Schedule a time to sell your products and a time to do other things.

5) You might need to sell something that is low-quality. That might conflict with your work and your values. You need to focus your energy on the tech products that are worth something to you and your client. Selling low-quality products just to fill a quota will do more harm than good.