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Dr. Mark McKenna.

Dr. Mark McKenna is not just licensed in surgery and medicine in Florida and Geordia, he is also an entrepreneur and successful real estate investor. A graduate of Tulane University School of Medicine in New Orleans, he initially worked for his father’s family medicine practice for five years after graduation. During his time in the practice, he realized his passion for real estate and created boutique real estate firm McKenna Venture Investments.

Unfortunately, when Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005, Dr. Mark McKenna was not immune to its path. He and the rest of the residents of New Orleans faced devastating losses. In the aftermath, McKenna was on the front lines of the relief effort by helping rebuild and redevelop affordable housing for residents through McKenna Venture Institute.

After witnessing the devastation and the effects of the real estate market after Katrina, Dr. Mark McKenna made the decision to return to his original passion; medicine. In 2007, McKenna relocated to Atlanta, Georgia and founded ShapeMed; a weoght loss and wellness center that specialized in non-surgical aesthetic procedures such as Botox and Juvederm. McKenna received the Black Diamond Level Distinction by Allergan, something one one percent of physicians in the United States receive.

Dr. Mark McKenna is known as a “doctorprenuer” and was featured on the CBS show by the same name. Many doctors exhibit entrepreneurial traits and motivation, and McKenna is an exemplary example of this. After selling ShapeMed to a publicly traded company in 2014 (Life Time Fitness Inc.), he founded OVME. OVME is a platform for patients and freelance, licensed medical practitioners to connect for elective procedures; many even do house calls. Dr. Mark McKenna’s newest business venture will start be initially based out of Atlanta, but there are plans to quickly expand to Vegas and other larger cities across the country. The business model includes a mobile app and is the first of its kind.

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A Better Way To Home Restoration: Aloha Construction

Is your home experiencing any structural damage? Would you like to spruce things up in the appearance department? If your home is going through a dilapidation process, then you better get-on-the-ball. Structural damage to your home is basically a warning sign of things to come. If you don’t take care of these issues, then you’re definitely rolling the dice. A small blemish can manifest into huge issue within a matter of months. General contractors are great for providing all of the necessary work when it comes to home restoration. One of the most sought-after general contractors in the Midwest is known a Aloha Construction and here is why this top-rated, home improvement provider is at the top of the ranks.

Aloha Construction is located in Lake Zurich, Illinois, but it provides services throughout the entire state of Illinois. This includes Peoria, Hoffman Estates, Libertyville, Washington, Lake Villa, Round Lake, Round Lake Beach, Vernon Hills, Graystone and many more municipalities. When it comes to restorative/renovation services, this company offers plethora to offer with:

• Chimney Repair
• Waterproofing
• Roof Cleaning
• Roof Installation
• Bathroom Design
• Roof Repair
• Stucco Installation
• Masonry
• Window Fascia Repair

Yes, this is only a short list, but now you can get a better understanding of what to expect. Aloha Construction has many more benefits as it offers a free initial inspection, a nine-step thorough inspection and a 10-year craftsmanship warranty. Can you name another general contractor that can live-up to their own hype? Whether it’s for doors or windows, or it’s for big or small jobs, this is the company for you. Aloha Construction has laid blueprint to success, but you’ll have to make that call to receive representation.

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Stream Energy Initiates Steve Fisher as CSO

Energy industry giant, Stream Energy, has just named its CSO for the recently implemented Illinois branch. They named Steve Fisher as the person. He will act as the Chief Sales Officer, which is one of the most significant honors and the highest positions that anyone can get. Fisher had been with the company for years, and he was one of the most fruitful sellers in the business. Not only was he successful, but he shared his knowledge and stratagem with other independent associates who reaped the benefits of learning from him. CEO, Larry Mondry, says that he could not have chosen a better candidate. He describes Fisher as a person who values knowledge and will help secure the company’s future success.

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The Chief Sales Officer position is a tall order, but Fisher seems to be the right man for the job. As CSO, he will conduct tasks such as managing customer relationships, developing employees and ensuring that the company’s goods and services sell. Additionally, Fisher will be responsible for regulating the training compensation for the employees. Fisher is so ecstatic about the new job that he smiled from ear to ear and put his thumbs up. He’s ready to take Stream to the next level of success.


More Stream Energy Information

Stream Energy is a leading provider of essential services such as cell phone plans, energy and home protection. The company opened its doors in 2004 and had been expanding and growing ever since, view here. The company headquarters is stationed in Dallas, Texas and Larry Mondry is currently running the establishment. Stream services customers in eight states and has more than 245 employees. The company intends to be around for a long time, expand further, and touch the lives of many more people in the world each passing year.


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Perry Mandera: A Master Entrepreneur Turned Philanthropist

If you live in Illinois, you are probably familiar with the Custom Companies Inc, which is dedicated to providing a variety of transportation services in Chicago and the surrounding areas. The company was founded in February 1986 by brilliant businessman and has over the years grown to become an industry giant which serves numerous clients ranging from small businesses’ owners to Fortune 100 company owners. Custom Companies Inc employs over 300 highly trained employees who have helped the company achieve over $200 million in sales. The company was started and is headquartered in Northlake, Illinois and has many offices and agents spread all over the United States. Perry Mandera has one mantra for the company; One Call Does It All. This was meant to relay Perry’s vision of offering various transportation services under one roof.


Perry Mandera Success Story
Custom Companies Inc has enjoyed a lot of success. The man behind the tremendous growth and success is the founder Perry Mandera. Perry was born and raised in Chicago where he attended school and graduated in 1975. He proceeded to join the US Marine Corps Reserves where he served until 1980. He then worked for a few transportation companies before going into politics where he served as the youngest ever Republican ward committeeman. His experience in the transportation industry helped him start and run his company successfully, view more here. His emphasis on reliable services, innovative ideas, and affordable rates keep the customers coming loyal and happy.
In addition to being a shrewd businessman, Perry Mandera is also passionate about giving back to the community in any way he can. Over the years Perry has donated to various charities as well as taken an active role in various charitable events. For instance, the Custom Companies Inc trucks transported many truckloads full off food and other necessities to the victims of the disastrous Hurricane Katrina. Many children look up to Perry Mandera as an example of what a good leader should be like.


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Why George Soros Just Gave Up $18 Billion

The act of giving billions of dollars is something to be praised no matter how you look at it. It’s certainly going to do quite a bit for whatever cause you decide to throw it at, but when you decide to give it to the Open Society Foundation that matters even more. George Soros has decided to do just that and he is willing to put his money where his mouth is. He wants to help bring about any age of globalization unlike anything ever seen before. Soros has had so much to do with the Open Society Foundation before that it’s not surprising he pushes for this now.

Indeed, he is in fact the creator of the Open Society Foundation and he is trying to help promote a more global way of thinking. Private capital is world defined by the ability to produce and connect with people around the world. This is clearly to the benefit of just about everyone involved. It gives people the ability to decide what they want out of life and it gives power to the poor in developing nations. Regardless of where you stand everyone has the ability to benefit and find something in it for them. While the benefits of globalism are obvious and it has always provided positive outcomes, there are unfortunate attacks on it coming from the right. They want to claim that globalization is in fact harmful to others and that we as a society must not allow it to continue on. The baseless attacks often draw on old superstitions being brought back to life.

George Soros is often portrayed as some sort of villain plotting world domination. The attacks on him have an almost cartoonish quality to them, but they are certainly believed by a very large number of people. While Glenn Beck and others don’t necessarily have piles of evidence to try to prove their claims, they do have crowds that will listen and believe when told to. Soros has been the exact opposite of much of what they have accused him of for many years. He was a major reason for the wave of free markets and democracy that took over the former Soviet bloc, but that isn’t where he stopped. He has continued to do just about everything he can to make his surrounding world a much better place for everyone when he has the chance to.

This next phase of his philanthropy is going to set records and make history. Never before have we seen so many people have so much improve in their lives over such a short period of time. Soros is going to be remember in the same light that we think of Rockefeller and Carnegie. He is the main reason behind one of the most important and prominent global movements around. The Open Society Foundation is bringing those in the developing world into a more free way of life as well as protecting what has been done in the developed world.

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Adam Milstein Pushing the Israeli Community in the US Forward

Investor Adam Milstein is working in the industry of real estate and doing extensive philanthropy. He became the managing partner of the company Hager Pacific Properties 18 years ago in the year 2000. Milstein is also a co-founder of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation that he created with his wife several years ago.

Adam Milstein was born in Israel. In 1971, he served at the Israeli Defense Forces and later served in the Yom Kippur War of 1973. Over the next handful of years, Adam Milstein served in Egypt and several other places. In 1981, Milstein married and moved to the United States of America together with his wife.

In the US, Milstein attended the University of Southern California, achieving a master’s degree in Business Administration. After graduating, Milstein put a start to his career in the industry of commercial real estate, working as a sales agent. After a decade working for their businesses, Adam Milstein became a part of his current company. He is a managing partner and oversees the disposition, financing, an accounting of the Hager Pacific Properties.

Hager Pacific Properties has been around for well over a decade. The business is based in California. It specializes in industrial, office, retail, and multi-family properties doing acquiring, repositioning and rehabilitating.

Philanthropy is a large part of the life of the Milstein family. The Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation was started in the year 2000. The foundation is a sponsor of education in Jewish culture. It helps youths discover their Jewish roots. Milstein is also a co-founder of the Israeli-American Council which has turned into the fastest growing such organization in the United States. Recently, Milstein assumed the position of its National Chairman

Over the years, Milstein has come to be a part of a number of board and foundations, most of which are Israeli. He is a strong proponent of community and connecting to one’s roots and heritage. Adam Milstein is on the board of Jewish Funders Network, Israel on Campus Coalition, Birthright Isreal, Hasbara Fellowships, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, Stand by Me, National Council, and many others.

The Voice of Workers’ Rights, James Larkin

James Larkin senior and Mary Ann McNulty bore James Larkin as their second eldest son. He was the apple of his father’s eye. He was an image of the senior James Larkin as he took up not only his name but also his character.

Saddened by the state that his family was in as they lived in slums, James Larkin decided to split his schedule and work in the afternoons after school. This was in the effort to raise something for the family.

When he was merely seven years old this arrangement of studying and working in the afternoons became a reality and part of Larkin’s life. His father worked in a firm. Even though what both brought to the table at the end of the day was not enough to shift them from the slums to a better place, the family bond remained unshakable.

James Larkin senior passed on when his junior was just 14. Having followed his father’s work closely. Read more: James Larkin | Ireland Calling and Jim Larkin | Wikipedia

James replaced him at the firm. He meant to take the old man’s mantle and fit in his shoes. However, he could not manage to do what his father did in two years and in 1893, he became jobless after being released from the firm.

Being 17 years old and unable to provide for his family, James Larkin did all the manual jobs that he could get his hands on.

A few years later, he became a sailor and then a docker. His state of living and the struggles he had gone through made him develop socialist feelings. James Larkin joined the Independent Labour Party in 1903.

1903 is the year that could never be forgotten in Larkin’s history. The reason is that this is the year when he was made a dock foreman. What can never be overlooked is the simple fact that this mere position is what came to change James Larkin’s life forever.

On September of 1903, he got married to Elizabeth Brown. Elizabeth not only brought the blessing of children into Larkin’s life but also changed his perspective on life. She gave him purpose and a will to keep fighting for the rights of workers.

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Anthony Petrello Proves to Be Best CEO in Nabors’ History.

As a bankruptcy attorney for specialist law firm Baker McKenzie, Tony Petrello was one of the star lawyers in a competitive business. Throughout the 1980s, he had risen to the level of junior partner in the firm, becoming one of the most prolific and highly skilled bankruptcy workout attorneys in the nation.

It was in this capacity that he began working on the case of a struggling oil extraction firm called Nabors Industries. Throughout the 1980s, the once-thriving company had fallen on hard times. It was quickly being forced into a corner, hemorrhaging cash at rates that were not sustainable. The firm needed badly to undergo corporate restructuring and refocus on its core businesses.

But as a lawyer on the case, Petrello had no idea that, soon, he would be tapped by the board of directors to become one of the company’s executive members. In 1991, he became an executive with the firm, beginning a career track that would last for the next 25 years.

And he proved to be one of the best employees that the company had ever hired. Throughout the 1990’s, Petrello led the firm in a completely new direction, spotting profit opportunities that nobody else had the ability to see. One of the areas into which Petrello led his firm was that of hydraulic fracturing. At the time, hydraulic fracturing was largely considered a pipe dream in the energy extraction business. People were aware of vast deposits of proven oil reserves throughout much of the North American continent. However, there was no way to immediately extract them in a way that made any kind of economic sense. Nabors Industries was about to change that under Petrello’s leadership.

Through the late 1990s, the firm became the first manufacturer of oil drilling equipment anywhere in the world to successfully bring to market highly sophisticated systems that, for the first time, made the extraction of hard oil reserves located throughout America’s shale deposits economically viable.

Many of these systems made extensive use of automation, enabling platforms of up to 8 drills to be operated by a single operator. These were incredible breakthroughs in the oil drilling business. Before the development of these highly sophisticated platforms, such an operation would have needed at least 20 men to operate. The dramatic reduction in payroll cost was part of the ability of these rigs to make the extraction of some of the most difficult to reach oil deposits profitable.

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The Many Pursuits of Anthony Petrello From Business to Philanthropy.

At the same time as oil executive Anthony Petrello is known as one of the top paid CEOs in the United States, he is also appreciated for his kindness, generosity and philanthropy.

He and his wife, Cynthia, recently hosted a welcome home reception for Tommy Tune with 50 friends and the Miller Outdoor Theatre advisory board members.

Tune was in Houston to stage “Tommy Tune Tonight” at the theatre where he entertained some 5,000 of his hometown fans.

While at the reception, Tune enjoyed a stroll around the grounds as well as the music, the cocktails and hors d’oeuvres.

Tune was born in Wichita Falls, Texas in 1939 and started producing theatre works in his family’s garage. After graduating from Lamar High School, Tune headed for New York City to launch his Broadway career.

He is recognized worldwide for his work which includes his debut as a chorus dance in Baker Street and performances in Hello Dolly and Seesaw, in which he received his first Tony Award. Tune also won awards for his dancing and for choreography and directing in Grand Hotel, None, The Will Rogers Follies, and more.

Petrello has always been interested in giving back to the community. He grew up in a blue-collar neighborhood in Newark, New Jersey where he developed a strong work ethic. He went on to graduate from Harvard University with a J. D. degree after receiving his BS and MS degrees from Yale University.

He married his college girlfriend soon after graduation. Both he and Cynthia are well-known for their charitable works. They have donated $5 million and guaranteed another $2 million to advance new medical research. About Anthony Petrello visite HERE.

What’s more, the Petrello’s launched the Petrello Family Foundation to advance education, medical resources and they both advocate for research for the scientific community in the Houston area.

They also set up the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute which focuses on neurological conditions in children.

Before taking on the position of Chief Operating Officer at Nabors Industries, later becoming president, Petrello started his career with the law firm of Baker & McKenzie. He went on to become CEO of Nabors in 2011 and chairman of the board since 2012.

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George Soros Hands In Massive Charitable Donation.

George Soros is, perhaps, one of the most iconic philanthropists in the world right now. In the 1970s, George Soros created the Open Society Foundations in order to help expand his global reach in order to fight for the core values that he has always believed in. The Open Society Foundations is a grant-making charity that focuses on putting power back into the hands of grassroots foundations all around the world. The OSF focuses on democratic expression, social justice, freedom of expression, racial equality and other tenets of progressive value. What makes George Soros’ commitment to philanthropy most impressive is that in 2017 he finished moving nearly $18 BILLION of his personal fortune to help fund the charity for the foreseeable future. Despite the immense kindness involved in this charity, it seems that not everyone was happy to hear about it.

If you turned on Fox News or any other conservative media giant you would be immediately bombarded with articles and media content calling Soros a variety of different names, ranging from dastardly to Darth Vader. There has been a renewed effort to demonize philanthropy when it is done by members of the progressive side of political party. The $18 billion that Soros donated to his charity was called by some on the right as an attempt to ‘craft a liberal Death Star’. When people go this crazy to denounce Soros, there is literally nothing he can do to win them over. Still, that doesn’t mean he is going to be cowed and forced to hide away.

George Soros has been a folk hero to the progressive political party for decades. Soros was born and raised in Hungary and he survived the Nazi occupation of home country as a child before emigrating to London. Soros would study at the London School of Economics, working two jobs to pay for his education, before getting introduced to the writings of Karl Popper regarding the Open Society. This work would inform much of what Soros decided to do with the rest of his life, politically and financially. Soros would move to America in order to chase his dream of making it in America and he would be successful as financial investor. Now, Soros is a political icon to members on the left while turning himself into one of the most impressive philanthropists to ever walk the planet earth. It doesn’t look like Soros is slowing down anytime soon.

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