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Talos Energy in a Joint Venture to Explore the Mexican Waters

Talos Energy together with London based Premier Energy PLC and Sierra Oil and Gas of Mexico are united in a Joint Venture for the Exploration of the Mexican water. The venture marks the beginning of the opening of Mexican Waters to private investors something that has never been witnessed in Mexico in the last 80 years. The exploration and exploitation of oil and gas in the Mexican waters was nationalized by the Mexican government in the year 1938 and ever since then no privately owned company has ever been allowed to drill oil in the region. Previously only the State-owned Petroleos Mexicanos was the only firm that was allowed to control the oil and natural gas reserves in country. The exploration is a historical event and began on May 21 at the ZAMA-1 well which is located at the Surest Basin off the coast of Tabasco State.

The ZAMA well is estimated to contain between 100 to 500 barrels of crude oil. The exploration exercise is estimated to cost more than 16 million dollars and is going to be funded Premier Company. The three companies won the prospective rights to explore the Mexican water after successfully winning a bid that was advertised by the Mexican government which intends to save the ailing oil industry.

Talos Energy is set to be the Well operator and hold a 35% stake in the venture. Premier Company which is the main funder of the project and the expected product distributor holds 25 % of the stake. The remaining 40% as required by the law belongs to Sierra Company which is a Mexican owned company. The reforms made on the law of the Mexican Oil and Gas industry requires that the home country hold the largest share in any joint venture. The venture has been projected to have a higher probability of success by investment groups and research firms.

About Talos Energy

Talos Energy LLC is a privately owned oil and gas company that is based in Houston. Talos specializes in the exploration and acquisition of oil and gas resources in areas around the Gulf of Mexico and the Gulf Coast. The company received its funding from its affiliated companies which are Apollo Global Management, LLC, Talos Management and Riverstone Holdings.

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Agora Financial Educates Investors

When it comes to getting ahead in the financial world it is going to be very important for people to engage with Agora Financial. This has become the company that people are interested in when they want to get financial literature that is going to help them make better decisions about what they are doing when it comes to building better portfolios.

There are a ton of people that are fans of the work that Agora financial consultants are doing. These are the men and women that are getting investors the financial information that they need to make informed decisions.

Investing is something that lots of people need to do, and the only way that they can do this successfully is with financial literature that gives them access to good ideas. There are lots of people that have good ideas about certain investments, but it is not going to be worth much if there is no clear-cut research that has been done. This is why it is pertinent to have a company like Agora Financial in place to analyze what is actually needed in order to bring about a great investment portfolio.

Agora has definitely made it possible for people to create better portfolios because they have better information. This company gives investors some free information about the market, but people that subscribe to the premium services will have access to much more information from Agora Financial.

This company has grown substantially, and much of the growth comes from the wide range of investors that want to build better portfolios.

Agora Financial is definitely becoming a major player in the game because there are so many investors that are in need of real-time advice for their investments. People that make a decision to connect with Agora will have better results.

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Ricardo Tosto De Oliveira Carvalho and His Role in the Brazilian Legal System

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a prominent Brazilian lawyer who has practiced law since the early 1990s. He graduated from the Mackenzie Presbyterian University with a degree in law. His specialization in litigation has seen succeed and serve prominent clients such as the various governmental and NGOs.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho works at Leite, Tosto and Barros AdvogadosAssociados and is regarded one of the most respected litigants at the firm. The firm has offices in three Brazilian cities namely Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Brasilia. As a founder member of company, Ricardo has been instrumental in its success.


Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho once served at the Commission for Modernization of the Judiciary as the president. He is a full member of some associations such as International Bar Association (IBA) and the Board of Directors of Alumni Association (IMD). At Revista dos Tribunais, a magazine company, he is a member of the Advisory Board. He also sits at the Brazilian Institute of Electoral and Partisan Law Studies (Ibedep) among others.

Leite, Tosto e Barros Recognized in the Latin Lawyer 2013

The contribution of Milk, Tosto, and Barros in dealing with complex and high-value litigation was finally recognized in 2013. Due to high success rates in most of these cases, the Brazilian based law firm has created for itself an excellent reputation with some clients saying the firm adds value to the strategies of their clients. Under the leadership of Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho, the firm has carried out mass litigation, frequent in Brazil.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho’s contribution in the success of this firm cannot be downplayed. He is a force to reckon with in the Brazilian legal system, and is a great market leader. He has conducted mass litigation in organized and efficient fashion gaining praise and respect from many clients. Most people prefer the firm especially in cases touching the financial sector because of the combination of the knowledge of the sector and prowess in litigation. Other people have indicated how difficult it is to get someone with excellent legal advice and strategic legal vision.

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Cameron Clokie’s Efforts In Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine has been in existence for a long time now. Regenerative medicines have the potential to significantly improve the state of a patient with common life-threatening conditions such as stroke, and heart disease as well as prolong their life. A lot of success has been achieved in the field despite the limited approvals and application in mainstream medical practice. However, the most disappointing part is that these breakthroughs have been noted not to reach the patients. The private sector as well has taken advantage of unavailability of regenerative medicine by purporting to give the desperate patients these therapies which make their state deteriorate even further. Some of the remarkable breakthroughs that have been helpful to patients include; blood transfusion scalds and severe burns and bone marrow transfer.

Scientists globally are working to exploit regenerative medicine in treating common injuries, and diseases and many achievements have been made too. A chip technology, for example, is one of the latest life-changing discoveries made by the scientists. This chip has the potential of changing one cell to another to achieve total healing. Despite the overwhelming results achieved through regenerative therapy, it is costly because of the production costs in addition to the need for highly trained staff.

Cameron Clokie attests to all these overwhelming benefits of regenerative medicine. Dr. Cameron clokie is a regenerative medicine expert and scientist. He has been at the forefront of steering regenerative medicine to the next level in his work at Induce Biologistics In. and his numerous publications He is also a serial entrepreneur. Dr. Clokie’s efforts in academic dentistry alongside clinical practice have seen him earn the title of the Head of the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. His latest workplace was the University of Toronto where he worked as a professor before retiring this year.

As the CEO of Induce Biologistics Inc., Clokie’s primary objective is to come up with innovations that will particularly enable musculoskeletal restoration which is achieved by use of proteins. As part of his charitable works, he intends to find cheaper ways of producing the proteins so that many people can afford the surgery in future.

Robert Ivy Continues To Lead The American Institute of Architects To Success

     The American Institute of Architects, or AIA, consists of United States architects. They support the profession of architecture, and work to improve the current public image. Their programs include community redevelopment, government advocacy, education and public outreach. Robert Ivy is the current CEO of the AIA, with Thomas V. Vonier serving as the President. The organization owns the Octagon House, originally built in Washington, D.C. in 1800.

Thirteen architects came together in 1857 in New York City to create the AIA, with Richard Upjohn as the first President. Sixteen additional architects received invitations to join the group in February of 1857. The AIA was incredibly important as there were no architecture schools or licensing laws at this time. In March of 1857, the bylaws and constitution of the AIA were drafted using the name of the New York Society of Architects. The name was changed to the American Institute of Architects in April of 1857. More architects were invited to join the AIA during the 1860’s, and by the 1880’s numerous chapters had formed in various cities.

During the 1960’s, there was a design competition, so an architect could be selected for the new Washington headquarters for the AIA. Mitchell Giurgola was the winner, but the United States Commission of Fine Arts would not approve his design concept. Once the commission had been resigned by the firm, the TAC, or The Architects Collaborative was commissioned for the design. Howard Elkus and Norman Fletcher were responsible for the design which received approval in 1970. It was 1973 when the building was actually completed. In 2007, the 150th anniversary of the AIA was celebrated, and the building named the American Center for Architecture.

The AIA consists of 90,000 associated professionals and architects, with five different membership levels. The architect members have been licensed by a United States authority to practice architecture. The associate members work with an architect’s supervision as they are not licensed. The international associates have a license, but are unable to practice within the United States. The emeritus members have been a member of the AIA for a minimum of fifteen successive years, are unable to work or are incapacitated, and are at least 65 years old. The allied memberships include engineers, planners, landscape architects, design and building related businesses, research firms, product manufacturers and publishers. The allied membership is in partnership with both the American Architectural Foundation and the AIA.

Igor Cornelsen Changing Business Internationally through Brazilian Business Consultation

For years Brazil has been in utter economic turmoil. But recently started to show positive gains in the countries finances. Igor Cornelsen shows how to invest in foreign soil, namely Brazil as it is in a financial rise.

When trying to do business in Brazil you will need their form of money. To convert your currency to theirs many banks charge for an exchange rate. Make certain to shop around and find different rates as this can add up. He recommends, if possible, to use the commercial exchange rate since it is more lenient. However, the Central Bank of Brazil has the power to change this exchange rate whenever it so pleases.

Do not be afraid to network with the locals. The locals know how business in Brazil works and the particular needs of their own country. Many have solely been business owners and personally have their own network of individuals they operate alongside. Meeting just one person can connect you with a myriad of others. Igor Cornelsen says the people of Brazil are extremely personable so small talk and establishing connections is much simpler.

Watch out for road blocks from the Brazilian government. He says that since the economy is on an up, the government is cautious with funding different businesses. They require business owners to go through a lot of hoops to get anything done. Do as much research as possible on likely road blocks that one could experience while trying to build a business. The government is known for high taxes, regulations that make no sense, and a market where it can be hard to hire hands to work.

The main take away from most of Igor Cornelsens advice would be preparation. Knowing as much policy and procedure from Brazilians and from your own personal research. Igor Cornelsen has his only consulting firm for investors who want to invest in Brazil and this has helped many become successful business owners. With their economy slowly on the rise, theirs no telling what possible success can come from gaining more knowledge, associates, and further benefiting the people of Brazil.

The Activities of Cancer Treatment Center of America

Cancer Treatment Center of America decided to partner with several institution such as LabCorpso as to help the patients to offer prostate cancer and screenings to the community. It is the best facility when it comes to treating cancer as the patients get quick recovery and praise the institution for changing their lives.

CTCA creator has been recognized and respected by the community at large as he has been able to get an award like Horatio Alger Award this year for helping the society. Cancer Treatment Center of America headquarter is based in Florida which serves all patients across the country of USA. Besides treating cancer, it also gives therapies such as pain, nausea, depression and anxiety.

It was formed back in 1988 by Richard Stephenson. He formed the facility after losing his mother due to cancer, he felt that the treatment given was not enough hence encouraging him to build the institution. It has grown over the past to be prosperous, CTCA was able to build four other institution in different location after seven years.

Over the years, it has been able to create employment opportunities by expanding and establishing more facilities in the health department. The facilities offer the same treatments and therapies as the initial facility that was created. CTCA has been honored with several wards such as Top Performance on the Key Measures and the Magnet Award for its proper services and treatment to its patients. CTCA also provides treats cancer with different method such as surgery and chemotherapy.

In assisting the community, CTCA has several occasions in five hospitals across USA which screens, treats patients and offer therapies for free annually. Some include, the CTCA in Tulsa which hosts an occasion for local colleges, high schools and local leaders in the region treat the one suffering from the illness.

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OSI Industry: A Leader in Global Food Solutions

Global food solutions is big business and there are numerous global food providers to get the job done. Unfortunately, all food suppliers aren’t created equal and this notion rings true to the highest degree. One of the major organizations that defies all of the odds is OSI Industries, and it encompasses every aspect of the business. As of today, the organization is worth over $7 billion and Forbes has ranked it as one of the Top 100 Companies in the U.S. What exactly does OSI Industries do? The answer is simple, but it can be complex at the same time. In other words, OSI develops, distributes, processes and manages custom food products. The entire gambit of operations is fully-covered from top-to-bottom.

As a small meat market back in its early stages, the company has been located in numerous areas such as Maywood and Oak Park, Illinois. As of today, it is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, but its gigantic footprint can be seen all around the world. Over 20,000 employees work under this umbrella, and the employees work in some of the finest of facilities. These facilities are technologically advanced, which helps to ensure the public of the best possible outcome when producing foods. Over 17 nations on a worldwide scale benefit from OSI Industries. The statistical numbers are simply amazing. One of the largest benefits in doing any kind of business is mergers. OSI Industries understand the importance of spreading its talent as it has acquired two of Europe’s most prominent food supplying brands. BAHO Food and Flagship Europe are now under this umbrella and this merger has helped OSI Industries to expand in unchartered territories. The organization’s global presence has been strengthened even more by these acquisitions and an additional 18 more countries will receive the fruits of this valiant labor.

Tyson Foods is another one of OSI’s acquired companies. This 200,000 square-foot facility was purchased for $7.4 million, and it’s very close to other OSI facilities in the area. When it comes to business, you have to spend money in order to make money and no one seems to do it any better than OSI Industries.

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Nick Vertucci-The Great Investor

Nick Vertucci had a philosophy that someone’s future was not dictated by the past. He grew up in a kind and lovely family whereby everything was provided. At some point, there was a challenge when he lost his father while he was ten years of age. His mother would work for long hours to provide for the whole family and come back home very late while they were already asleep. At 18 years of age, his life was troublesome due to the challenges that he faced while away from home.

Nick Vertucci reached a point where he decided to change his own life for the better and started his own business of vending computer parts. He liked the Job bearing the fact that he had employed himself hence able to enjoy all the freedom that he wanted. It is during that period that he decided to marry and was blessed with three daughters. At some point, there was a significant challenge about survival means but was able to make it again after an invitation by a friend who used to deal with real estates. He was able to attend the seminar and made it since he had made the right decision attending the workshop.

Nick Vertucci was highly interested hence able to listen carefully to what was being told and soaked it in. This meeting acted as an opening door towards his financial breakthrough since he never took it for granted. Nick Vertucci didn’t stop learning about the real estates but went on to do excellent research about it. He took about ten years of collecting the information since he was very determined to succeed. He kept on moving because of his determination and not giving up no matter the challenges. Finally, he was able to come up with a system that made him make a significant amount of money in the same field of real estates.

Due to the amount of money that he obtained he was able to consider himself as a millionaire. Nick Vertucci decided to share this piece of wisdom through teaching his system to others to benefit just like he did. He was able to start a school known as NV Real Estate Academy whereby could educate people and had a slogan that it was a flagship of properties from education to active capitalizing. His company emphasized on giving solutions to the challenges that may be faced during the real estate investing. One thing that he was able to learn from people is that they had the desire but the problem is that they lacked the knowledge on how to do it that’s why he was highly encouraged to start the school.

Felipe Montoro Jens Report on Public-Private-Partnerships

Felipe Montoro Jens studied at Getulio Vargas Foundation where he received his undergraduate degree in Business Administration. He advanced his studies by doing Masters in International Management from Thunderbird School of Global Management. Mr. Jens has been of service to the board at Braskem SA. His services have extended to Terna S.P.A as a financial advisor. Other companies that have benefited from his expertise include PricewaterhouseCoopers and Enron.

Felipe, a specialist in Infrastructure Projects, attended a meeting of the Management Council of the Municipal Program of Partnerships (PROPAR / POA) and the Partnership Management Council (CGP). The meeting was held to discuss priorities of the municipal administration. Paying key interest in public clocks, sanitation services, Hospital Materno Infantil Presidente Vargas, Guaiba water park and public lighting. According to an article by Felipe Montoro Jens, the mayor of Porto Alegre, (RS) Nelson Marchezan believes that Public-Private-Partnerships will solve the current financial crisis currently experienced in Brazil. He says the partnerships will be incorporated in municipal administration. Being the president of the CGP, the mayor is tasked with governing and leading the public supervision of projects as per the modalities set. Mayor Marchezan aims at improving services offered to citizens at Porto Alegre through a valuable partnership with National Bank for Economic and Social Development.

Montoro reports that The Partnership Management Council will be responsible for planning and execution of Public-Private-Partnerships in a transparent manner. Other members of the partnership include the vice mayor, Infrastructure Projects specialist, Felipe Montoro Jens, and secretaries of Finance, Planning, Economic Development, Management, Strategic Partnerships, Transparency, Institutional Relations and the Comptroller General.

Trata Brasil’s chief, Edison Carlos, recently expressed his opinions on waste management through improvement of terms of management, structural and resource areas. He heads a sanitation company that is reliant on public power. He further highlights the resource gap in public facilities and notes that most private companies have access to efficient and reliable technology to manage resources. Through concessions, agreements can be instituted to make proper decisions and successful execution of projects.

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