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A Look at Pennsylvania’s Laws with Karl Heideck

     When it comes to laws some of them are quite humorous with others bordering on ridiculous they exist around the country with every state having its fair share. The trend is reflected in Pennsylvania and according to Karl Heideck these laws cover different sectors and can be broken down to these individual categories:


For hunting enthusiast, the state government of Pennsylvania doesn’t allow hunters to shoot animals in graveyards while at the same time there are statues that only apply to large beasts.The state has prohibited the hunting of animals as they swim regardless of which body of water they are in.  Meaning if you went hunting and that deer spots you and dives into a river or dam the law automatically kicks in and as long as it remains there its protected from the hunter’s bullet.


Anglers also have there set of unusual rules. When fishing and the last bait has been hooked it is illegal to use common carp, goldfish, koi, or comets as bait. There are laws that have banned certain techniques altogether this would include having dynamite for fishing.


In Pennsylvania, the use of a paintball has some restrictions that come with it. You are forbidden from aiming and or shooting at nonparticipants of your game.In the case of incurring damage to someone’s property when using a paintball gun, you are held liable by the state.


In Pennsylvania, the law states a child is entitled to have a lavatory within 200 feet of there bedrooms. This is in order to accord the child convenience and easy access whenever they have the urge.The statute, however, has some exemptions which include People who live or are using a travel trailer.

Marriage and vows

When it comes to marriage in keystone it is illegal to fire guns or cannons in the celebrations.To ministers who conduct the ceremonies it is illegal to marry inebriated couples tie the knot meaning that the vows of a drunk partner may be invalidated. This may save some couples the sudden urge to get married as a result of intoxication.

Karl Heideck has been practicing law in the state for the last 10 years he is well vast with the state and federal requirements and has assisted numerous clients with their legal issues.Karl Heideck attendend Swarthmore College for his bachelor’s degree and graduated in 2003. He then went on to study for his JD at the Templeton University Beasley School of Law it was after this that he was admitted to the bar.

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James Dondero Gifts Dallas a New Hippo Zoo

James Dondero has given a gift to the various Hippo lovers across the nation. After a long year of construction and anticipation, the new zoo is ready to open its 2.1 acres Hippo post. The new hippo habitat is immersive and naturalistic waterhole habitat that features a breathtaking underwater scenery. The display window is quite large allowing then different viewers to freely and comfortably enjoy the view.

Some of the significant donors towards the wildlife and environmental protection is the Highland Capital management company. The firm is co-founded by James Dondero, an investment mogul who also doubles up as the owner. The company gave over $1 million to fund the entire hippo conservancy project. The amount given was used to develop the 4485 square foot area that will be used for educational as well as other private exhibitions.

Over the last few years, the James Dondero led company has been giving donations to various non-governmental bodies in the world. Whereas one may be easily misguided that the firm Dondero focuses on dishing out money, such line of thought is fallacious and untrue. Mr. Dondero has continually interrogated how the money and other resources that he or the company gives are used. In achieving this, he hires very qualified people to the management team. In that way, he can provide counsel and advice to the upcoming entrepreneurs and business people in the nation.

James Dondero believes that the most valuable asset in your company is your employees and your customers. If your workers are happy, the chances are high that they will serve the customers well. In turn, the clients will patronize your business and also approach their friends on the superiority of your services. To achieve this fact, the employees must be given some responsibility that makes them feel appreciated and honored. Mr. Dondero allows his employees to sit in various board meetings that touch on the profitability of the firm. In such a way, the employees will contribute directly on the subject matters that they feel should be addressed. Doing so ensures that the workers own the decisions that are passed, they will, therefore, be very grateful when implementing them.

How Technology is Improving Cancer Treatment Centers of America

On February 27, 2017, in Boca Raton, Florida, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, along with some other companies, worked together to implement a tech process that helps those involved in treatment better assist in the treatment of Cancer. Considering it offers seamless inclusion in the daily updates of a patient, this is a step in the right direction for oncologists and all healthcare workers who strive to help these patients handle their treatment process.

Named Clinical Pathways, it is a real-time solution for those people that serve the patients along with their pathway to treatment and healing. Tracking information that helps patients in their treatment process helps everyone involved. Liked by George Danekar Jr. MD, who is the Chief Medical Officer at the Regional Treatment Center, he stated that the project was created to offer an ecosystem for treatment choices that are customized for individual care of each patient. Each healthcare worker can set a list of treatment options for therapy. This helps the treatment be suited for the patient’s daily needs. Some days treatments work better for that individual. This provides a log reference for that. Here are just a few of the benefits of this program.

This type of assistance not only logs the treatment therapies used for the next treatment, but it also provides valuable information for future patients who display similar symptoms. It prevents harm to the patient when having treatments. This can save a patient’s life. Imagine a patient coming in and receiving too much of a drug for their therapy session. This system allows all of that to be prevented from happening, making the whole process safer for all.

The future of this type of technology is exciting. It makes the medical staff’s job simple and the treatments can become more effective as well. There are many more exciting developments to come.

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James Dondero-Managing Billions Of Assets Under Highland Capital Management

From asset management to accounts structuring, an investment advisor is an individual who is involved in the evaluation of a project that is to be invested in with the aim of giving advice as well as a predictable future of its viability. The role of an investment manager encompasses finding out if the venture is viable economically. As a result, many investors end up hiring an investment advisor.


To be a good investment advisor one must be good at interpreting different market structures. It is also important to be poignant at offering advice concerning the possible future of the docket. A perfect figure that suits this description is James Dondero. He is the co-founder of Highland Capital Management. His skills and passion in this field have turned many heads to his firm. Having garnered significant experience at a young age, James is better placed to offer valid advice concerning the risks of investing in different market shares.


Dondero understands that clients come from different backgrounds; meaning that clients have different investment budgets. It, therefore, boils down to the amount of resources an individual is willing to risk. Aside from this factor, Dondero understands that investment entails constructive work with the aim of predicting the viability of the project. He, therefore, arms himself with concrete information concerning various investment dockets that a client wishes to invest resources in. This understanding has always earned Dondero credit. Clients continue to flock Highland Capital Management for advice on investment and its risks. Most of these clients have given positive feedback, honoring Dondero in different sectors of investment.


Highland Capital Management has done a great job at helping clients in securing the right investment structure. Constantly working with their teams to offer valid advice, the company has stellar reputation because of its dedication to offer high-notch services. Since its establishment, Highland Capital Management has served more than 3 million clients. With its affiliates, the company is set to grow tremendously. The future of Highland Capital Management rests in the leadership structure. As at now, James Dondero’s values define the company’s position.

Mighty Fortress Church – Experience God’s Peace and Love

A few of the most beautiful and unique churches in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Assumption Chapel in Cold Spring was built in 1951 after the previous chapel was destroyed by a tornado. Its also known as the Grasshopper Chapel. It was built in memorial of a locust plague that devastated the area in the 1870s.

Church of the Assumption in St. Paul is the oldest existing church in St. Paul, dating back to 1870. It was built in the Romanesque style of architecture and modeled after a church in Munich, Germany.

Church of Our Lady of the Angels, Sauk Centre is one of over 50 incredible Catholic churches in Steams County and although its not much to look at from the outside, it features an incredibly vivid painting of Mary ascending through the clouds in its sanctuary dome.

Cathedral of St. Paul was built in the early 1900s and is the third largest church in the United States. Its said to be the most beautiful church in Minnesota and was modeled after French churches in Paris and features an 186 ft. high dome in the center.

Stella Marie Chapel at St. John’s University in Collegeville was built by Benedine monks from St. John’s Abbey in 1915. Its set on the site of a former island and is only reachable by hiking a mile or canoeing across Lake Sagatagan.

Mighty Fortress Church is an international church based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The church offers authentic style worship services and relevant messages for modern day living. They provide a comfortable, friendly, informal atmosphere and is welcoming of everyone in the community.

Worship services focus on God and what he has done in and through our lives. The church has a band, choir and worship team to create the atmosphere where every individual is free to express their gratitude toward God. Their vision for believers is to nurture their faith and help them lead prosperous and victorious lives.

Bishop Thomas Williams is the senior pastor and founder of Mighty Fortress International Church and Ministries. He is a ministerial graduate of Rhema Bible Training Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He has a B.A. degree in Mass Communications, a M.A. in Organizational Leadership and two honorary Doctorate Degrees. He has been active in ministry for over 30 years.

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5th Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference as a Panelist

John Holt is the president and also the CEO of the NexBank Capital. He recently participated in the 5th Annual strategic opportunities and M &A conference in New Orleans, Louisiana. While in the conference, Mr. Holt together with the panel tackled the topic about reinventing community banking.


This is a forum for a couple of financial players them including the bank leaders, consultants, and advisers where they share opportunities and challenges with concern to the bank leaders. The panelists are tasked with exploring the strategic opportunities that are through the M&A activity and also those that touch on the organic growth and branching.


About Nexbank Capital Inc.


NexBank, SSB was established in the early days that was, 1934. It is comprised of three branches. Its total assets are estimated to be around 6 million dollars. I deposit in the $5 million bracket. The net income for the company is around $59 thousand.


NexBank has its headquarters in Dallas Texas. Here it is the 13th largest bank in the state. However, on the national radar, it seats a comfortable 200th place. The company currently employees around 86 employees in all its major branches in the state of Texas.


NexBank Capital Inc offers a range of other financial services to its customers. These include service through three core businesses, that is, commercial banking, institutional services and mortgage banking. Through these platforms, the company provides customized financial banking services to its clients, corporations and also other financial institutions and real estate investors. NexBank executive management team combines the wealthy experience and expertise in the financial field to focus a strong service delivery to its clients. This way is providing excellent financial services to the corporate sector, institutional sector and also to the individual stakeholders in the company. This credit the company to be recognized as a reliable and also timely, quality execution company.

Bruno Fagali: The Lawyer With The Passion for The Pursuit of Good

     The power of lawyers is immense, but their responsibility is greater than ever. To be a lawyer means you have to know what’s right and wrong in the most general and universal sense. The good thing about Attorney Bruno Fagali is that he understands the value of this and uses this as a fuel in times of dilemma in his law career.

The challenge today in Brazil is for the judicial system to carry out the legislation needed to ensure for integrity in the law firms’ operations. Bruno saw the need and urgency of this cause, and this is the reason why he led the implementation of a Corporate Integrity Program that will train different teams in Sau Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Brasilia to the modules integrated with the Corporate Integrity Management program. Bruno Jorge Fagali is responsible for all the implementation needed for the next 24 months.

About Bruno FagaliBruno’s career started when he became a specialist in Administrative Law in FGV and PUC right after he held a master’s degree in State Law from USP. Since then he pushed himself doing things that will answer the transparency issues ingrained Brazil’s jurisprudence.

Public Administration has gathered a lot of flak and criticism for the corruption that it churns out. Bruno wants the real values in general admin laws to get deeply absorbed in the political system of Brazil.

He wants to give attention to the unvoiced needs of the people handling admin roles in their companies.The valor in the heart of Bruno Fagali to serve the public is also imminent in the way he advocates for the ethical standards in the civil service.

The stability of many programs relies on his leadership today, but so far, Bruno has never failed on his word, has never missed his promise and has always been consistent in his enthusiasm only to provide the best policies for public administration.

Truly, it will be no time before the cities of Paulo and Rio de Janeiro and other areas in Brazil will find the significant reforms and changes in the way administration law get delivered in the system anytime soon with Bruno’s help.

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva, The Dentist Solution to Dentists

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva knows from experience that having a successful dental practice requires more than just being a skillful dentist. Poor business management can create the risk of failure of a dental practice for even the best dental practitioners. For dentists who are new to the field, it is helpful to have someone with more experience to help guide them through the process. Few understand the field of dentistry and what it takes for dentists to succeed better than Dr. Villanueva and the staff at MB2 Dental Solutions.

Dr. Villanueva started MB2 Solutions to help support dentists by providing them with expert help for the business side of their practice. MB2 Dental Solutions serve affiliate dentists by handling all of the non-clinical functions of running a practice. Dr. Villanueva, the founder of MB2 Dental Solutions, has a wide variety of experience in the field of dentistry. He was an associate dentist, dental director, and dental practice owner. Dr. Villanueva still practices chair side gives him credibility and builds trust with his clients. Dr. Villanueva also enjoys teaching and being a mentor to new dentists.

The services offered by MB2 Dental Solutions include human resources, accounting and finance, computer systems management, credentialing, compliance, training, billing and collections, marketing, and recruiting. Dental offices affiliated with MB2 Dental Solutions maintain 100% clinical autonomy.MB2 Dental Solutions currently exists in over 80 affiliated locations in six states.

Patients who patronize MB2 Dental affiliates reap the benefits of MB2 Solutions, because dentists who utilize MB2 Dental Solutions have more time to spend tending to the needs of their customers. Another benefit is an efficiently run dental office with staff members who are well-trained. The offices of MB2 affiliates are in full compliance with all laws and industry regulations. The support MB2 Dental Solutions provides to dentists enables them to lead happier and more balanced lives, which can transfer to how well they treat their employees and their patients.

Dr. Villanueva was born in Ohio. He has lived in Asia and South America. Dr. Villanueva earned an undergraduate degree in Microbiology from the University of Florida. He received a Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry from Nova Southeastern University. Dr. Villanueva and his wife Carol, who is also a physician and has an established practice in North Texas, have four children.

Why Bruno Fagali Remains an Enigma in Brazilian Legal Space

     In the diverse Brazilian legal scene, there exists one household personality-Bruno Fagali, a specialist who dazzles his legal peers and the public as a whole with his mastery of constitutional jurisprudence. Both in and out of court, the legal practitioner in civil, administrative and regulatory law, have set the bar high as far as his conduct is concerned. As a stalwart in his legal practice, he commands a lot of honor concerning the diligence, passion, and expertise he exudes in general.

From an Intern to a Senior Counsel

Right from his days as a law intern at Radi Advocates, he became exceptional in his handling of clients and additionally, his mastery of administrative law was recognized from then. Rising slowly through the ranks, Bruno Fagali is currently a Senior Counsel who has contributed significantly to the practice of law in Brazil. For instance, he was credited with formulating and advancing sound policies that affected the delivery of services in governmental institutions. One such policy refers to the Sensitization and Integrity Plan where procurement departments in government ministries were to sensitize the public on integrity issues especially during tendering processes. Through the success of this initiative, the public and state officers were enlightened on the legal obligations that must be observed in the award of various types of tenders.

Bruno Fagali’s Employment Achievements

Additionally, Bruno Fagali has been a committed advocate and a champion of equal justice and rights. With this focus, Bruno Fagali has represented several clients to their satisfaction. As a corporate integrity manager at Nova/SB, his company enjoyed a streak of radical institutional ramifications. He goes on record as the manager who instituted the equal treatment policy where employees at the enterprise were to be subject to equality in the face of the law. The plan came after a string of adverse cases of harassment of employees by senior officials of the company. Cases of abuse and harassment were also a common gesture in the company before this policy came into effect. These notable changes gave Bruno Fagali a commanding respect in the public domain and the Brazilian government.

The unique architectural designs of churches in Minnesota

The Stella Mary Chapel Church
The Stella Mary Chapel Church was one of the most beautiful ones in the time that it was constructed. The church was built in 1915 to replace the former one which was brought down by fire. The original church was built using the Gothic architectural style, but that was replaced by the Romanesque architectural style by the Benedictine Monks. The Stella Mary Chapel was constructed on the campus of St. John’s University. The location can only be reached by hiking or using a canoe in the process of travel. Currently, the church remains strong with very few alterations made to its structures.
Christ the King Catholic Church
Christ, the King Church has one of the most interesting structures in the world. The church is strong, and the materials used to stand the test of time. Constructed in Browerville, the church was counted as one of the tallest in the area. For a long time, the magnificent structure was used as a land mark. The architectural method used in the construction is not very common in the area since the church was built by some Polish immigrants who had their European construction styles.
Church of St. Columbus
The church of St. Columbus is one of the churches which have used unique building techniques. The architectural designs used in the construction do not only focus on a single style, but it also brings together different designs from other architectures. The church has the French Norman and the Art Deco architectures. The church as constructed in 1950 with the Indiana limestone
The welcoming nature of the Mighty Fortress Church
The Mighty Fortress Church is one of the few churches that insist on welcoming a sinner as they are. The church believes in the transformational power in fellowships. All the believers are welcome to the weekly services which are mostly spontaneous. The routine is not boring, and there is an assurance of happy service.
Through the guidance of Bishop Thomas Williams, the Mighty Fortress Church has helped many believers in their transformational process. Sinners have received grace and understanding of biblical truths. Throughout his 30 years of ministerial experience, Thomas has helped many people to see the light.