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Pulp Fiction

Since the 1990’s, Lawrence Bender has made waves in the film world as a producer. Born in 1957 in New York City, he inevitably grew up in New Jersey before moving away for college. Graduating with a degree in Civil Engineering from The University of Maine in 1979, Lawrence Bender’s following work in the film industry has been proven to be successful and rewarding. Lawrence Bender received an Independent Spirit Award for Pulp Fiction in 1995 and has been honored with many other notable nominations at the Academy Awards. Lawrence Bender has been nominated three times for Oscars due to his stand-out production work. He was nominated in 2010 for Best Motion Picture of the Year with Inglorious Basterds, in 1998 for Best Picture with Good Will Hunting, and in 1995 for Best Picture with his cult-classic, Pulp Fiction. Pulp Fiction is not only my favorite movie produced by Lawrence Bender because of the cast of influential superstars who appear in it, but it is my favorite because it proves to be a timeless cinematic masterpiece. Pulp Fiction was the movie that changed Hollywood forever and created trends that other producers strive to recreate even over two decades later. The film proves to be shocking in content, marking the first time you may see many alarming situations, such as a drug overdose mended by a man sticking a needle of adrenaline into a woman to revive her. These types of scenes and many other violent and torturous scenarios that fill nearly three hours of screen time in Pulp Fiction make this film entirely unforgettable. The depth of the movie, with multiple storylines intertwining together in the most meticulous ways, was also ahead of its time in cinematic history. This non-linear storyline was conveyed with characters who managed to be seen as cool, humorous and likable while remaining seductive, volatile and dangerous, leaving behind some of the most notable quotes in movie history. The chaotic nature of the film leaves it in the hearts of audiences worldwide forever. Pulp Fiction, produced by the talented Lawrence Bender, has earned its widely regarded title of one of the best films of all time.,%20Inc.

Females Play A Stronger Role In Magic Mike XXL

Magic Mike debuted three years ago starting Channing Tatum and Matthew McConaughey. The movie received critical praise, and some critics compared it to a modern day Saturday Night Fever. The film grossed $113,7 million and put Channing Tatum on the Hollywood A-list. So naturally, there is a sequel Magic Mike XXL.

McConaughey doesn’t return in this sequel, but True Blood’s Joe Manganiello returns for another stunning performance alongside Channing Tatum. According to the story, a few years have passed and Mike is making an honest living. The guys get together and push Mike in to doing one last show at a stripper convention in Myrtle Beach to do it up in style. Eventually, Mike gives in as a way to provide health insurance to his employee.
This time it’s not all about the guy’s, the women of the film play a strong role. One of the strong female characters is Lauren, played by Crystal Hunt. In the story Lauren and her sister Megan brings the strippers back to their house where they meet Nancy, played by Andie MacDowell.

Viewers may recognize Hunt from her role in daytime television as Lizzie Spaulding on Guiding Light and Stacy Morasco in One Life to Live. Hunt earned a Daytime Emmy Award nomination for her role as Lizzie Spaulding. Her website suggests that Crystal Hunt was born in Clearwater, Florida, and participated in pageants at the age of two. Hunts career took her from the runway to television commercials, and then on to daytime television. Hunt also appeared in the family feel good movie, The Derby Stallion. Hunt is also appeared in the romantic comedy Sydney White. In 2013, Crystal Hunt co-starred alongside Arielle Kebbel in NYC Underground from Lionsgate. Magic Mike XXL pulled the actress from daytime television into one of the hottest girls-night-out movie of the 2015 summer.  Crystal can be found online through both Vimeo, and is also easily available on her Instagram account as well.

Magic Mike XXL is not only entertaining it was exhilarating. The female roles in the movie make the men look like they are brimming in mysteriousness and complexity. Male vulnerability is incredibly sexy especially dancing for and with a woman. The quieter parts of the movie have a relaxed and soft kind of humor that perfectly matches with Channing Tatum’s charm.

Achievements of Brian Mulligan The Great Advisor

The greatest joy is of someone working quite hard and actually seeing the fruits of the hard work. People become seriously happy when this fruits start flowing in plenty; more than they can l take in. Being in the media for virtually a whole lifetime does not only make you immensely known and liked but also makes you money; lots of it.

Although Brian Mulligan is now the CEO of Brooknol Advisors, a media, entertainment and sports advisory company, and still serves as the Managing Director and vice chairman of Deutsche Bank Securities Inc., a media and telecommunications investment bank founded in 1973, the 55-year-old’s journey has not been a rosy one. His career of 30 solid years has been rocky but he can now boast of holding CEO position (to date), being a chairman (to date too), holding a COO and holing a CFO of almost all media or entertainment companies.

Back in the day, Mr. Mulligan attended the University of Southern California and attained a Bachelors degree in Business administration. He then moved to the John E. Anderson Graduate School of Management and earned a masters degree in the same field; Business Administration. He then became a Senior Executive Advisor of Cerberus Capital Management and also served as The Executive Vice President of Operations for Universal Entertainment and Executive Vice President at an entertainment and media conglomerate called MCA Inc.

All across his career, he worked diverse high end media houses including; as a Co-Chairman of Universal pictures, as a CEO of Universal Television, he also chaired FOX Broadcasting and Cable, he was the EVP/CFO of Fortune 50 Company, and he was also the Vice Chairman OF Media/Telecom of Money Center Bank. His hard work is responsible for over $175 billion transactions in the Media and entertainment industry.

In another media world, the world of sport, Mr. Mulligan is a full fledge expert in that field. His expertise earned him membership in LA based Digital Round table. Besides entertainment, he is also an industry speaker in sports and business too. His love of the art got Premier Magazine naming him among “50 Most Powerful People of Hollywood”. Loss Angeles Business Journal also recognized him as one of “The Ten Most Prominent Bankers of Hollywood”.

He has also got an appealing soft side. He has taken part in numerous charity works including raising up to $90 million for school; a modest noble cause.

The Final Fantastic Four Trailer Arrive and So Does the Menace of Dr. Doom

The final trailers for the new Fantastic Four film are here and Doom looks menacing. Originally, reports were that the iconic Doom would be reduced to a computer hacker. That is hardly the description we would expect of the traditionally awe-inspiring villain. He sounds even less menacing than the Dr. Doom of the first Fantastic Four movie. Once the trailers for the reboot came out, Doom looked even more menacing than the previous film version. “In fact, he looked more than a bit scary” says James Dondero on a radio interview.

The cinematic Dr. Doom will physically mix it up with the heroes and display a wide array of powers doing so. Doom has both science and magic mastery up his sleeves. It is going to be a intriguing to see how the character physically mixes it up with the FF in the new reboot. Director Josh Trank insists that no one is going to be disappointed with what they see.

The new trailers ease concerns and rumors noting the Fantastic Four reboot’s script was weak. The film was alleged to be too cerebral and lacking in action. Reshoots were ordered to add more action to the film. Whether or not those reports are true or they are based in wild exaggerations is not known.

So far, the trailers look promising and this might be a very unique and interesting revamp of the heroes.

Paranormal Activity Will Feature Last Movie

The Ghost Dimension Will Be Last in Paranormal Activity Series

The “Paranormal Activity” series marked the turning point of what is commonly known as the “found footage” genre of movies. It started back in 2009 and features lots of demon mythology.

Naturally, the series has spawned several other movies and spin-offs even in the franchise. With this in mind, Christopher Landon, who directed and wrote the spin-off entitled “The Marked Ones” has confirmed that the upcoming sixth film in the series called “The Ghost Dimension” will also be the last one in the series.

“The Ghost Dimension” will feature a new family this time, the Fleeges, who will be filming all of the paranormal activity surrounding them and try to discover what it all means. An important note about the film is that the camera footage will be shown in 3D, a leap forward in the format of the series.

According to Bloomberg, Landon is not the only one who confirmed the series concluding with this film, as producer Jason Blum has said the same thing. He said that with this film being the finale of it all, all of the questions regarding the demonic mythology would finally be answered and everything so far has been building up to this. He also added that concluding it here would mean avoiding driving the series into the ground. In the end, the film will tie up all loose ends.

Rob Zombie Could Raise Eyebrows with Groucho Biopic

Rob Zombie, the heavy metal musician and usually director of horror films, is thinking of doing a biopic about Groucho Marx called Raised Eyebrows.

This film would definitely be out of his comfort zone stated Flavio Maluf. He was first known as being the lead singer of White Zombie and went on to have a successful heavy metal career solo. He then moved to direct horror movies like House of 1000 Corpses and series of movies based on the Halloween franchise.

If Zombie actually does the Groucho Marx biopic, it will be about the final years of the leader of the famous Marx Brothers. The producer Miranda Bailey and Zombie have acquired the rights to the memoir done by Steve Stollar called Raised Eyebrows about the final years of Groucho’s life. Stollar worked as the comedian’s personal assistant during his final years. Oren Moverman, The Messenger writer, is set to write the screenplay and the studio called Cold Iron Picture is producing the film.

It would be interesting if this project actually got produced.

“The Martian” May Be an Interesting Take on Man Versus Nature Survival Stories

Director Ridley Scott is doing an interesting version of a man versus nature survival story along the lines of the novel Robinson Crusoe or the film “Castaway.” His takes place on Mars and will star Matt Damon as a lone astronaut left behind and presumed dead by his fellow explorers. While his survival story will be the basis of the film, it also has an impressive supporting cast with Jessica Chastain, Sean Bean, Kate Mara, Jeff Daniels and Donald Glover. The film will be set in the near future when mankind has finally made it to the red planet and, for Damon’s character at least, something has gone terribly wrong in that he ends up being left behind by his fellow astronauts.

His co-star Jessica Chastain was thrilled to get to play an astronaut and found it fun to go to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California to use a virtual reality headset to “be on Mars.” James Dondero told me the movie itself looks to be quite the drama with a life and death struggle at its core. It is hard to imagine how anyone could survive for long abandoned on Mars, so figuring how a happy ending could occur is difficult. Ridley Scott can be somewhat dark with his cinematic portrayals, however, so who knows if he’s even planning a happy ending. Whether he is or not, it is Hollywood, so if the script is good and what happens is presented in a plausible manner, they can have whatever ending they wish.

Star Wars VII “Essential Original Trilogy Connections”

We live in the age of pop-culture containing pop-culture references to other pop-culture. A new age of filmmakers has arisen from their childhoods with a knowledge of cinema and television that would rival a Jesuit’s grasp of moral philosophy. Directors like Kevin Smith, Quentin Tarantino, and others love to stuff their movies full of references to their favorite films, actors, TV shows, etc. J.J. Abrams is of course possibly the most commercially successful of this breed of Movie-geek directors, and is in change of bringing to life the next three installments in the lucrative Star Wars franchise. However, AvozdaVitoria reports movie references within movies might be wearing thin on the public. The most recent Avengers movie has been criticized for referencing too much the ‘exterior’ world of the expanded Marvel Cinematic Universe. Abrams, in response to these critiques, has reassured fretful Star Wars fans everywhere that any references to past Star Wars movies will be essential to the plot, and kept to a necessary minimum. In an interview, Abrams confirmed his commitment to making these new Star Wars movies great on their own, without needing to be considered in the light of their predecessors.

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Title: “Vacation” Series To Be Revived This Summer

According to Screen Rant, a new installment in the long-running Chevy Chase “Vacation” series is set to debut on July 31st. Although Clark Griswold (Chase) and his wife Ellen (Beverly D’Angelo) will appear, the movie will center on his son Rusty (Ed Helms), his wife (played by Christina Applegate) and their two sons. This installment harks back to the plot of the original “National Lampoon’s Vacation” (1984). That film depicted the Griswold’s hilariously bumbling antics as they journeyed across the country from Chicago to southern California to visit a famous theme park, Walley World (based on Disneyland). This time the Griswolds have (no doubt, foolishly) decided to visit Walley World again, with similar results. The family will once again be traveling in their infamously ugly van, which Clark was tricked into buying back in the first film.

Fans like Igor Cornelsen have learned that the new “Vacation is being directed by Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley, who are known for writing popular comedies like “Horrible Bosses”. It is the fifth installment of the series, and the first theatrically released film since 1997’s “Vegas Vacation”.

Batman To Appear with Suicide Squad

Next year the slate of superhero movies set to hit the big screen is set to explode yet again, and “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” is regularly the source of new rumors. However, the film based on the adventures of various villains pressed into government service, “Suicide Squad,” is gaining a lot of interest based on any number of potential hints. Since little is actually known about the Suicide Squad, when a new tidbit hits the airwaves fans take notice.

According to Screen Rant, Batman just might be popping up in “Suicide Squad” to help explain a bit of the story. The move is a good one for DC Comics, the source of the franchise, because it takes cues from the Marvel movie universe, which has been exceptionally successful. Even if Batman and Ben Affleck pop up for a small appearance, neatly tying the films together in a subtle manner helps drive home the shared world of the characters. Since many of the character that will be popping up in the movie about villains are not exactly well-known, having a familiar face will do a lot of good Ray Lane feels.

A lot has been written about Batman v Superman and the pressure on that film to succeed is high. With “Suicide Squad” the expectations are bit more in check, and giving the villains a chance to stretch their legs could end up being the surprise move of the year. Everyone loves a good villain.