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Peter Briger and Fellow Alumni Present a Gift for Princeton Entrepreneurship

Peter Briger is a principal and also the co-chairman of Fortress Investment Group board of directors. Fortress group is a global investment management company. Before joining Fortress in 2002, Peter Briger had spent 15 years in Goldman Sachs. He then became a partner in the company in the year 1996. Peter Briger has been a member of the Princeton University Investment Company board. Peter Briger is a high profile figure in the world of finance. He is among the 400 elite business professionals in the Forbes list.

Peter Briger, Gordon Ritter and another who prefers to be kept anonymous, decided to start a pilot funding program to help recent Princeton alumni with their start-up firms. The pilot funding, dubbed the Alumni Entrepreneurs Fund, was to aid in the realization of the Entrepreneurship for Princeton Way vision.

This new fund will help the recent alumni in bringing their innovative ideas to work by providing them with matching seed funds of up to $100,000.
Four teams have been chosen in the pilot program’s first round;

• Co-founders of Kudzoo, Trevor Wilkins and Logan Cohen. Kudzoo is a mobile app designed to offer students deals and discounts ranging from giveaways, businesses, concert tickets, information on scholarship opportunities and many more experiences based on their grades and accomplishments.

• Vaidhy Murti, CEO of Friendsy, and Michael Pinsky, COO of Friendsy. Friendsy is a social media app that groups college students using their email addresses. It also enables them to make new friends, updates them on college buzz and helps them find romantic partners.

• The co-founders of Preeline, Julia Macalaster and David Lamer. Preeline is an online market for handbags and clothing where customers can find items and express their opinion “love/ hate” on the items before they reach the stores.

• Maisie Devine and Isaac Rothenbaum, the CEO and CTO of Poacht respectively. Poacht is a covert job search for the people that are currently employed. Employers use the Poacht platform to get the right candidates for vacant positions in their firms. Poacht’s algorithm sorts, ranks and then matches passive candidates to vacant positions on the platform

Jacob Gottlieb and his Life Time Achievements.

Jacob Gottlieb is Chartered Financial Analyst, he was born in Brooklyn, New York. He received the award in 2001. He graduated from Brown University with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. He is also a graduate of New York University where he acquired his Doctor of Medicine degree. After completing his higher education, he enrolled for a medicine internship at St. Vincent’s Hospital. After some time, he left his medical career to pursue finance related courses. He secured his first job as an analyst at Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. He had a lot of passion for the trends in the stock market. In 2005, he pioneered a company called Visium Asset Management. He worked as the organization’s Chief Investment Officer and as a managing partner. The organization had an asset value of $8 billion. Through his initiatives, more than 170 individuals got a job at the firm.

Jacob Gottlieb was also among the founders of Balyasny Asset Management. At Merlin Financial in London, he served as an investment portfolio manager. His mother is a professional pediatrician while his father is a professor of Economics at the City University. He admired his parents for their successful careers. He loves baseball and started attending the various competitions at a tender age. He used the occasions to make some money by selling cards. In some cases, he would sell beverages to players. Even at his young age, he made good business decisions. He emerged as a winner in a competition where the participants were required to pick stocks.

To motivate his passion for business, his father got him a trading account. He is always willing to help people to choose the right careers. According to Jacob Gottlieb, the health and the financial sectors have common features. He believes that both careers involve taking and managing risks. He is a philanthropist. The financial analyst has been involved in motivating children from disadvantaged backgrounds through Covenant House. The organization was set up to fight for the children rights. It has been in operation for more than 3 decades. Some of the services offered at Covenant House include education, healthcare, rehabilitation, training them on avoiding substance abuse and also free legal services if needed. He has also been involved in initiatives meant to uplift the lives of the poor by making donations to Robin Hood, based in New York. He plays a key role in Math for America.


The comparison of David Zaliks and Sahm Adrangi

Greensky has changed the manner through which people access the loans through their mobile phones. In the globe, the use of cellphone has become common leading to users depending on the gadget to transact their daily transactions. Therefore to tap into the market of cellphone users, David Zaliks founded a company known as Greensky which connected the banks and consumers of their products. Thus through Greensky mobile app, it has become possible for the customers to borrow loan without necessary going to the bank halls and without paperwork. Currently, the company has enabled the bank’s institution to disburse more than $8 billion worth of loan. Greensky Company is valued at $3.6 billion which includes the Fifth Third Bancorp investors. David Zaliks, the founder of GreenSky, was math prodigy who attended college as well as founded the first company a PC assembler and refurbished at the tender age of 14. The Company has more than 1.2 million users across the globe.

The Chief Executive Officer who happens to be the founder has experienced numerous success in his professional career from a very young age. Zalik is considered as a math Whiz, and as a result, he bypassed high school and attended college at Auburn University just like Apple CEO Tim Cook. He followed in his father’s footsteps and studied mathematics as well as launched his first business dealing Micro Tech information systems while still a college freshman. During his time in college, he assembled PC and sold to other students and corporations as well as offering software solutions. Rather than starting the Green Sky, Zalik has ventured into the real-estate business where has also succeeded in breaking into the market. His success in initiating business as well succeeding in them is a result of pure dedication and the willingness to take risks. For instance, he initiated his financial company when the world was experiencing financial crises. After the company went under he was able to turn it around using the scarce resources he had. As a result of networking with like-minded individuals, the company was able to achieve a significant milestone in making GreenSky become one of the most successful mobile apps.

Richard Dwayne Blair: Financial Planning

Richard Dwayne Blair, financial planner, explains the Three Pillar approach to financial planning, which provides retirement planning, and wealth management to his clients in the Austin, Texas area. It is his goal to provide a treasure map that can guide his clients on the road of planning their financial life. The first pillar is to design the roadmap itself by finding out the client’s goals, strengths, risk tolerance, and opportunities for growth. Blair wants to build a long-term relationship with his clients so that he can formulate a more holistic plan with clarity of expectations involved.

The second pillar is about an effective, longer-term investment plan that is tailored to the client’s unique goals as well as liquid needs. Blair knows how to reallocate assets, so as to ensure a maximum performance during periods of upward market movements while minimizing the impact of negative market periods on client’s portfolios. Performance is kept track of and compared to the clients’ or company’s expectations. The third pillar comes from establishment of the client’s financial goals, as well as enacting strategies to provide liquidity and growth. Some understand you cannot predict when the storms will hit but Richard Dwayne Blair wants to provide his clients with certainty. The final pillar is also about insurance needs.


Richard Dwayne Blair believes in providing objective advice. He also looks into investment, retiring, and wealth preservation strategies. Blair is the sole proprietor of Wealth Solutions, Inc. Blair’s influence is the field of education as his mother and grandmother were teachers, as well as his wife. Richard has a natural aptitude for finance when he learned through trying his hand at helping other people with their financial planning. Richard Dwyane Blair holds an industry securities registration for 23 years, while he is subject to SEC oversight. He is a Registered Investment Advisor with his own company Wealth Solutions, who is registered as a broker. The wealth of a client is important to Blair because it impacts how he respects their process of accumulation. Clients are made to feel unique in that Blair offers customized solutions.

Paul Mampilly Has Some Surprising Advice About Bitcoin

Paul Mampilly is always in the loop about new companies going public, and he’s trusted when it comes to seeking out advice for the latest stock trends. He’s almost always encouraging his followers to buy into tech stocks and has even spoken about how digital currencies are a great way to move into banking and financial management. But he wrote a surprising article in which he told investors that they should actually avoid buying Bitcoin stocks. Mampilly said he actually missed out on the sudden surge of Bitcoin in 2017, and he said he would have told investors to get it at the time, but it’s become so popular now that it has formed a bubble. Mampilly has noted that its price already has been falling and that it’s likely to continue over the next year or so.

Paul Mampilly used to offer his investment advice and manage client portfolios in his office or over the phone back when he worked at the big banks and firms, but now he writes articles and newsletters for Banyan Hill where he has said he is helping more people reach their investment goals than he ever did on Wall Street. His story is still inspiring nonetheless because he came from a blue collar family in India and had to work his way through college in the US to find an opening job at Deutsche Bank. He also worked at ING, Banker’s Trust, Sears and Kinetics International Fund, a firm that was recognized by Barron’s magazines as one of Wall Street’s best. He also was the winner of the 2008-09 Templeton Foundation investment competition. Even though Mampilly points to these experiences as being valuable, he did once say that if he could go back and do it all over again, he probably would have done his own research into stock buying to build his own wealth.

Paul Mampilly is well-liked because he doesn’t just provide information; he also makes the financial terminology easy to understand. Mampilly also doesn’t work like a broker but actually shows his followers how to get started buying stocks without all the expensive fees, and how to look for stock that’s not in the midst of popularity, but that’s low and in its initial offering phase with the likelihood of gaining value. “Profits Unlimited” was Mampilly’s first newsletter followed by “Extreme Fortunes” and “True Momentum,” and he gained over 60,000 subscribers in just three months of beginning writing.

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George Soros Hands In Massive Charitable Donation.

George Soros is, perhaps, one of the most iconic philanthropists in the world right now. In the 1970s, George Soros created the Open Society Foundations in order to help expand his global reach in order to fight for the core values that he has always believed in. The Open Society Foundations is a grant-making charity that focuses on putting power back into the hands of grassroots foundations all around the world. The OSF focuses on democratic expression, social justice, freedom of expression, racial equality and other tenets of progressive value. What makes George Soros’ commitment to philanthropy most impressive is that in 2017 he finished moving nearly $18 BILLION of his personal fortune to help fund the charity for the foreseeable future. Despite the immense kindness involved in this charity, it seems that not everyone was happy to hear about it.

If you turned on Fox News or any other conservative media giant you would be immediately bombarded with articles and media content calling Soros a variety of different names, ranging from dastardly to Darth Vader. There has been a renewed effort to demonize philanthropy when it is done by members of the progressive side of political party. The $18 billion that Soros donated to his charity was called by some on the right as an attempt to ‘craft a liberal Death Star’. When people go this crazy to denounce Soros, there is literally nothing he can do to win them over. Still, that doesn’t mean he is going to be cowed and forced to hide away.

George Soros has been a folk hero to the progressive political party for decades. Soros was born and raised in Hungary and he survived the Nazi occupation of home country as a child before emigrating to London. Soros would study at the London School of Economics, working two jobs to pay for his education, before getting introduced to the writings of Karl Popper regarding the Open Society. This work would inform much of what Soros decided to do with the rest of his life, politically and financially. Soros would move to America in order to chase his dream of making it in America and he would be successful as financial investor. Now, Soros is a political icon to members on the left while turning himself into one of the most impressive philanthropists to ever walk the planet earth. It doesn’t look like Soros is slowing down anytime soon.

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George Soros Donation Of $18 Billion Will Change The World

In the field of business, George Soros is a known successful investor who is Hungarian-American. This businessman has acquired a reputation of a risk taker, author, and entrepreneur. George comes from Budapest where he was born on August 12, 1930. He later on migrated from Budapest and moved to England in 1947 where he attended London School of Economics. Here George was able to earn degree in philosophy.

George’s future became brighter when he earned a master’s in philosophy. He was fortunate enough to get jobs in bank industry in the United States and England. After acquiring experience and knowledge in the industry, Soros decided to start his first hedge fund and named it the Double Eagle in 1969. In 1970, he used the profit he has gotten from Double Eagle to open his second hedge fund in 1970. He named this one The Soros Fund Management. This was the start of his overwhelming success in his career because, from 1970, George has only recorded outstanding profit gains in terms of finance.

A peak moment of Soros’ career was in 1992 when he bet against the British pound the moment it had crashed out of the European exchange rate mechanism. By making his bet, George was able to make an incredible profit of US$1 billion. This earned him a nickname as ‘The man who broke England bank.’ The multibillionaire has made news recently by his enormous donation of US$18 billion to the Open Society Foundation (Soros’ foundation of human rights). Adding to this donation, George recorded a lifetime giving of US$32 billion, a very impressive record. After the donation, the Open Society Foundations became the second largest charitable foundation after Tech Billionaire Bill Gates foundation in the word.

The Wall Street Journal and New York Times suggest that Soros increased the speed of donations from his hedge fund and that the donation he made was just a representation of his estimated worth or fortune of US$23 billion. The Open Society Foundation has a record of US$14 billion which it has given away since its formation in 1970. It has worked towards building vital and tolerant democracies in the world, as its spokesperson (Laura Sibler) puts it. Its budget of 2017 adds up to US$940.7 million. This money is meant for grants to different places in the world focusing on justice reforms and human rights and economic governance and progress.

In the recent presidential elections, George showed his support for liberal causes when he made huge contributions towards Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid. Soros made his latest donation and did not mind the increased tension with the Hungarian government in a row over academic and press freedom. This shows his passion and dedication towards giving to charity. The foundation has not exactly announced how the donation money is going to be used. However, it is probable that some of the donation will go towards the ongoing projects that the foundation is carrying in several countries like Macedonia and Albania. George tweeted about these countries and the ongoing work of his foundation there.

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Agora Financial Educates Investors

When it comes to getting ahead in the financial world it is going to be very important for people to engage with Agora Financial. This has become the company that people are interested in when they want to get financial literature that is going to help them make better decisions about what they are doing when it comes to building better portfolios.

There are a ton of people that are fans of the work that Agora financial consultants are doing. These are the men and women that are getting investors the financial information that they need to make informed decisions.

Investing is something that lots of people need to do, and the only way that they can do this successfully is with financial literature that gives them access to good ideas. There are lots of people that have good ideas about certain investments, but it is not going to be worth much if there is no clear-cut research that has been done. This is why it is pertinent to have a company like Agora Financial in place to analyze what is actually needed in order to bring about a great investment portfolio.

Agora has definitely made it possible for people to create better portfolios because they have better information. This company gives investors some free information about the market, but people that subscribe to the premium services will have access to much more information from Agora Financial.

This company has grown substantially, and much of the growth comes from the wide range of investors that want to build better portfolios.

Agora Financial is definitely becoming a major player in the game because there are so many investors that are in need of real-time advice for their investments. People that make a decision to connect with Agora will have better results.

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Felipe Montoro Jens Report on Public-Private-Partnerships

Felipe Montoro Jens studied at Getulio Vargas Foundation where he received his undergraduate degree in Business Administration. He advanced his studies by doing Masters in International Management from Thunderbird School of Global Management. Mr. Jens has been of service to the board at Braskem SA. His services have extended to Terna S.P.A as a financial advisor. Other companies that have benefited from his expertise include PricewaterhouseCoopers and Enron.

Felipe, a specialist in Infrastructure Projects, attended a meeting of the Management Council of the Municipal Program of Partnerships (PROPAR / POA) and the Partnership Management Council (CGP). The meeting was held to discuss priorities of the municipal administration. Paying key interest in public clocks, sanitation services, Hospital Materno Infantil Presidente Vargas, Guaiba water park and public lighting. According to an article by Felipe Montoro Jens, the mayor of Porto Alegre, (RS) Nelson Marchezan believes that Public-Private-Partnerships will solve the current financial crisis currently experienced in Brazil. He says the partnerships will be incorporated in municipal administration. Being the president of the CGP, the mayor is tasked with governing and leading the public supervision of projects as per the modalities set. Mayor Marchezan aims at improving services offered to citizens at Porto Alegre through a valuable partnership with National Bank for Economic and Social Development.

Montoro reports that The Partnership Management Council will be responsible for planning and execution of Public-Private-Partnerships in a transparent manner. Other members of the partnership include the vice mayor, Infrastructure Projects specialist, Felipe Montoro Jens, and secretaries of Finance, Planning, Economic Development, Management, Strategic Partnerships, Transparency, Institutional Relations and the Comptroller General.

Trata Brasil’s chief, Edison Carlos, recently expressed his opinions on waste management through improvement of terms of management, structural and resource areas. He heads a sanitation company that is reliant on public power. He further highlights the resource gap in public facilities and notes that most private companies have access to efficient and reliable technology to manage resources. Through concessions, agreements can be instituted to make proper decisions and successful execution of projects.

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David Giertz has a Solutions for Enjoying Retirement

David Giertz was born on 10th April 1964. He has more than 30 years’ experience as a financial advisor and he is also a registered broker by the FINRA. He attended Millikin University where he got a BS and later joined the University of Miami where he pursued his MBA.

Since 3rd April 2013, Dave has been serving the Nationwide Financial Distribution and Sales in the Capacity of a Senior Vice President. He has also served the Nationwide Financial Distributors Inc. as President since March of 2013. Mr. David Giertz also works with many Nationwide Companies as either a Director, Senior Vice President or President. With this great financial background, David Giertz has used most of his career period in advising individuals on how to make successful plans that can make them live joyfully on retirement. Dave considers the following key factors as the tools for a successful retirement plan;

The first is to be disciplined. In this he understands that people have different preferences on their expenditures on retirement. Some people may prefer travelling to visit places they have never been before, others may prefer staying with their grandchildren among others. He advises that in all these, one should be disciplined in spending so as not to squander everything.

The second factor is retirement plan development. He advises that the plan should include what one plans to leave as inheritance for their heirs and all the activities that they would wish to undertake that were not done previously due to commitment to jobs and other responsibilities.

The third factor is creation of a budget. Dave Giertz believes that creating a budget makes one feel safe spending as the expenditure is already catered for and one cannot also be worried about undertaking pleasurable activities.

The last factor is having a reserve of cash every time. Here, David Giertz advises retirees not to invest every single coin they have in stock markets as this may lead to discomforts at some points.

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