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Thirty Years of Excellence: Jamie Garcia Dias

There are some artists who take decades to mature. Since not all art can be defined visually, cognitively, or musically, it must be understood that art and artistry extend across a broad swathe of mediums and genres. One example is comedy, and one artisan who took decades to bloom was Rodney Dangerfield. The man did comedy for years, was not able to make a career out of it, and so got out of the game for decades before jumping in again and becoming an international sensation. Likewise, there are artistic geniuses who are able to slide past all the spines of the thorny artistic field and make their way to the aesthetically profound kingdom in the middle almost immediately. Now neither category of artist is better or worse than the other; they just occupy a different echelon of the overall artistic scene. However a great example of the shooting start type is found on the CrunchBase profile of Jaime Garcia Dias. Jaime is important as an artist for another reason, too. Not only did he rise to prominence almost instantaneously, but he has maintained that position and is poised to continue doing as much.

Jaime Garcia Dias started writing as a teenager, only fifteen years of age. This was when he embarked on his first novel; and within the next ten years, he had begun to work as a literary professor. The literary institution he worked at taught young students out of high school how to be professional writers. In fact, this institution still teaches students, and Jaime Garcia Dias is currently its president. He used his facility in artistry via literature to launch a separate but symbiotic literary career, and to great success.

Jaime Garcia Dias currently has twenty different fictional works under his belt, and he is poised to continue that trend well into the maturity of years that eventually follow all people into life’s crescendo. Dias’ most recent work is a compilation of articles he wrote for a prominent Rio newspaper over the course of a year. He wrote an article a week and at the end of the year compiled all of his writings into a single unified work. Most of the writings concerned his childhood in Rio, and what growing up in such a diverse place as Rio de Janeiro is like.

With firm artistic roots and an upbringing from educated individuals in one of the most diverse cities imaginable as his LinkedIn shows, Jaime Garcia Dias has a unique voice informed in a way most literary giants can’t match. For the Brazilian scene, Dias has given thirty years’ excellent input. As the future spins out of control, it is anyone’s guess as to what other profound works Dias will produce in the days to come.