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Hussain Sajwani on Corporate Responsibility

Corporate responsibility is something that many business leaders want to improve. Many prominent leaders feel like successful people should use their resources to help others. Hussain Sajwani is the founder and leader of DAMAC Properties. DAMAC Properties is one of the largest construction companies in the world. Based in Dubai, the company constructs dozens of commercial buildings each year.

Hussain recently joined an initiative to develop the workforce in the Middle East. In the Middle East, few people have a background in information technology. As a result, there is a chronic shortage of workers for the technology industry. Hussain hopes that the coding initiative is successful because it will improve the economy.


According to Alarabiya, Hussain started his career by selling real estate to clients. Although it was hard work, he enjoyed helping others with purchasing decisions. This role allowed him to develop a brand in Dubai. He eventually started a small construction company. The company built homes for people in the city. Although the company earned a profit, Hussain was working long hours each day. He decided to shift his focus to commercial properties. Since that point, DAMAC has expanded dramatically.

Hussain also became a real estate investor during his time. Instead of spending his income, he used the profits from his business to purchase investment homes. He now has a substantial real estate empire that produces a significant monthly income.

Investing in Others

Hussain Sajwani is a huge supporter of people in the local community. With his wealth, he helps people reach the next level in life. He spends time mentoring young men in the city. He teaches them about investing in real estate. He also offers classes on how to start a thriving company.

The coding initiative is the latest example that Hussain cares about others. Not only is he an excellent business leader, but he is also an outstanding leader for Dubai.

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Ryan Seacrest: Beyond American Idol

During his time hosting American Idol, Ryan Secrest has truly become, well, an American Idol. American Idol is an iconic household name. The singing show, that has captured the hearts of Americans for years and years, will now be played on ABC.

Though initially gaining fame through the TV show, Seacrest’s talents are not limited to the singing franchise. He has also been involved with local radio stations, broadcast television shows, and cable. He is also a man of giving back, his philanthropic efforts have helped young people worldwide.

Some of Seacrest’s other projects include hosting the radio show “On Air With Ryan Seacrest“. It airs in the Los Angeles area. He is also the executive producer and co-host of “Live with Kelly and Ryan”. He has hosted a plethora of other cable events, such as “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin ‘Eve with Ryan Seacrest”.

Ryan Secrest Productions, his very own production company, also is responsible for many different, well know shows on E! Shows like “Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and E! Live from the Red Carpet are all part of the RSP E network productions. Through all of his creative endeavors (both as a producer, and as the talent) it is clear that Seacrest has taken his experience in the entertainment industry and grown as an entrepreneur.

According to Men’s Journal, when he isn’t working on radio, television, production, or any other of his many creative projects, Seacrest can be found working on his very own clothing line. The line, Ryan Seacrest Distinction (, is a men’s clothing line that is exclusively sold at Macy’s. It also involves a men’s skin care line.

On the philanthropic side of things, Seacrest (@RyanSeacrest) is the Chairman for the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, which has helped to serve young people for over ten years. He is also part of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

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Ryan Seacrest: Famous Host and Entrepreneur

Ryan Seacrest is one of the most well-known hosts in America. Most of us know him from the popular TV show, American Idol, but he has also had other hosting jobs and entrepreneurial projects that he has been a part of.

Back in 1993, Ryan Seacrest hosted a show on ESPN called the Radical Outdoor Challenge. He also hosted three children’s shows: Wild Animal Games in 1995, Click in 1997, and Gladiators in 2000. Also, in 2000, he hosted NBC Saturday Night Movie. Between commercials, he would provide trivia for the movie, as well as chances to win prizes by answering questions online. In 2001, he hosted a show called Ultimate Revenge. It was a reality show in which pranks were played on family or friends by their own friends or relatives.

Ryan Seacrest is also host of a radio show called On Air with Ryan Seacrest. It is a drive-time show based out of Los Angeles for iHeart Media’s 102.7 KIIS-FM. It also broadcasts the Top 40 Radio show live. Ryan is also the co-host of the show Live with Kelly and Ryan, which he joined alongside Kelly Ripa on May 1, 2017.

As part of Ryan Seacrest’s entrepreneurial projects, he has an enterprise that includes a men’s skincare line called Polished by Dr. Lancer. He is in partnership on this product with the famous dermatologist Dr. Harold Lancer. Seacrest also has a menswear collection called Ryan Seacrest Distinction which is sold only at Macy’s. Ryan is also the chairman of The Ryan Seacrest Foundation. This foundation has opened ten broadcast media centers in pediatric hospitals all over the country, called the Seacrest Studios.

Ryan Seacrest (@RyanSeacrest) is most known for being the host of American Idol, a reality television show in which hopeful contestants across the country audition for the chance to sing in front of a panel of judges and be the next singing star of America. The show was widely popular for many years. Seacrest took the position of co-host in 2002 alongside comedian Brain Dunkleman. That next year, he became the sole host of the show. He was the host of the show until it came to an end in April of 2016, but ABC won a bidding war for rights to the show. Ryan Seacrest announced on his show “Live with Kelly and Ryan” that he would be the host of the American Idol reboot in spring of 2018. If you want to know about Ryan’s weight loss struggle, read this article from the Men’s Journal.


How To Succeed The Jim Toner Way

After 25 years in the trenches, Jim Toner is beyond qualified to speak on what’s required to make it in business. Mr. Toner went from broke to being a very wealthy individual rather quickly. He is the first to admit that it was not easy for him. However, like most successful real estate investors, it was Jim Toner’s grittiness and resilient character that saw him through.

You can always count on things not going smoothly. Moments of panic like the financial crisis in 2008. The trick is to be able to ride them out, and a big part of the game is your mindset. Toner said, he loves helping aspiring investors. To that end, he has shared the following points of wisdom gleaned from his two and a half decades in business.

  1. Have a positive attitude at all times. When others see obstacles, you see opportunities.
  1. Build a competent team with a varied skill set. Be ready to delegate authority. No one can do it alone.
  1. Never stop working on your most important asset, which is yourself! Take the time to exercise and read self-development books. Study successful people and implement what you learn from them.
  1. There’s nothing wrong with working for others, but you must become an owner to achieve wealth, independence, and freedom.
  1. Be self-coached and your most demanding critic . Always be honest with yourself and push for your best at all times.
  1. Plan everything and set priorities. There are only so many hours in the day. Plan your work and work your plan.
  1. Set ambitious goals and know in your heart of hearts that you can reach them, and you will.

Jim Toner concludes by admitting that the secret to success is that there is no secret, just never quit! Get in touch with Toner on Facebook.

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Ryan Seacrest Still Works As Hard As He Did In His 20’s

Not too long ago, Ryan Seacrest moved from his home in Los Angeles to New York in order to co-host with Kelly Ripa on her show, Live with Kelly Ripa. That’s just one of the many jobs Ryan takes on though, with many other tasks that are apart of his daily routine. Ryan has been hosting radio and television for more than two decades now, ever since he first got a taste of radio while he was still in school. Ryan Seacrest is 43 and is often noted as one of the busiest individuals in the entertainment and radio industries.

Not only does Ryan host radio shows, including his own, On Air With Ryan Seacrest, by he also manages his very own foundation for helping sick children in hospitals. Ryan opened the Ryan Seacrest Foundation back in 2010 and has steadily been opening new studios around the country since.

As one might think, in order to manage such a tight schedule and so many jobs at the same time, Ryan Seacrest sticks to a tight schedule. According to Ryan, there is little time for other things in the day outside of his work. At a time, he even felt guilty trying to include other things in his workday that was not considered work, such as exercise. Now, Ryan is able to easily integrate his personal life into his work schedule.

Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) has mastered the art of being successful, which is easy to see by his success. One of the easiest parts of being successful according to Seacrest is just being able to say yes. When it comes to business, this is what people like to hear most and it opens the most doors to the future of one’s career. In Ryan’s case, he is almost a household name in the U.S. and has been ever since American Idol.


FreedomPop’s Plans to Free the Mobile World

A sign of the times is the sheer number of people across the world using mobile devices of one type or another. What is truly incredible, though, is how much the majority of those people pay for their mobile service. That, however, may all come to an end, at least if FreedomPop has anything to say about the matter. The wireless carrier famous for its free text, talk and data program certainly seems rather intent on changing pricing standards.

Many people may question if free mobile service is worth the effort. More than 500,000 Americans seem to think so, the subscribers enjoying 500 texts, 500MB of data, and 200 minutes at no costs to themselves. People who need more will quickly discover it’s unlikely any other mobile carrier can beat FreedomPop’s prices. Needless to say, the company ‘s plans to increase the number of American subscribers to a million before the year is out looks rather feasible.

FreedomPop has no intention of stopping at America’s borders. In fact, the company has established a global expansion plan, which includes France, Spain, Germany, the UK and several countries located in the Pacific Rim. This follows a partnership with KPN, a Dutch mobile carrier. While FreedomPop on will not actually launch in the UK until later this year, they have begun alpha testing. Those interested in trying free mobile service can choose the free plan, which is the same free service American’s already enjoy. However, subscribers can also opt for the Premium 1GB plan, which provides 1000 SMS and messages, free voicemail and 1GB of data for $13 a month. The Premium 2GB plan offers 2GB of data and unlimited SMS and messages for only $18 a month. With offers such as those, there is no doubt FreedomPop will take the UK by storm.

Steven Sesar, FreedomPop’s co-founder and COO, admits the company plans to provide the world with low-cost and free mobile service. In fact, the trendsetting mobile service company has every intention of expanding into at least eight new markets over the next couple of years. The article, originally reported on DigitalTrends, does state FreedomPop will offer the same free service plans currently available in America. More to the point, Freedpop subscribers have the advantage of an ever-growing network at the touch of their fingers without the ever-increasing price.

Optimize Wikipedia Editing Techniques

Wikipedia can be a challenging website simply to navigate so the idea of becoming a steady contributor to the monolith of information can be downright scary. However, Wikipedia needs all of the volunteer editors that they can get in order to prosper as an encyclopedia that operates at the highest level. With updates coming in 24/7 the website cannot risk losing any editors. The encyclopedia also needs to maintain rigorous standards so new editors must also know how to contribute once they are on the website. Listed below are key takeaways for any editors interested in pursuing action on Wikipedia.

Editing Existing Content
One of the core principles that make a Wiki page lives by their decision to keep information up to date as it changes. Being that Wikipedia hosts millions of pages of data it is unreasonable to think that all of the content is updated immediately. So new editors should always be willing to investigate the encyclopedia in order to find content that needs replacing. Sometimes there will be group concerted efforts pioneered by Wikipedia behind the scenes in order to direct the attention of their editors in a specific direction. This is a great way to get experience working in a facility that matters.

The Art of the Citation.
Wikipedia cannot be considered a scholarly source of information due to its open source editing but it demands elite sources for all information hosted on the website. Editors must use reliable sources in order to update any content or else they run the risk of having all of their work deleted and rolled back. Numerous attempts to use inappropriate sources will end up with the offending editor being barred from contributing anymore to the website. Users can direct their attention to the Manual of Style for specific guidelines on what to look out for in a source. The rough outline suggests that users look for sources that come from scholarly journals, published articles, or .gov websites.

Learning The Ropes.
Editing on Wikipedia can take a whole lot of effort just to do the job and that doesn’t count all of the learning that needs to take place before getting to work. New users who want to become prolific editors should gear their attention toward the various guides that are available on the Wikipedia website in order to familiarize themselves with what Wikipedia expects out of their editors on the site.

Response to Incorporation of Olympic Valley


Reported in the Sierra Sun, a regional news line of the Lake Tahoe, California, area, the proposed incorporation of Olympic Valley lacks support. Reporting firm Rosenow Spevacek Group Inc. returned findings similar to previous results. The Comprehensive Fiscal Report shows a financially unfeasible incorporation of Olympic Valley based on the proposal of the towns main income: a water park. Primarily using the town to attract tourists to the area, costs to operate the town plans would not provide a logical investment. Rosenow Spevacek Group Inc., instructed to amend the first initial report, could not make the numbers add up, even with recommend changes from multiple sources.

Incorporate Olympic Valley supports the incorporation of Olympic Valley. Initially, Incorporate Olympic Valley called the primary report “deeply flawed”. Recommended changes from the support group included lowering the reserve fund amount of the would-be incorporated town. Reducing the number of employees happened to be one of the other recommended changes, and contract prices also incurred reductions. Incorporate Olympic Valley wants to see the project out to the end.

Squaw Valley Ski, a nearby local ski facility, falls against the incorporation of Olympic Valley. Andrew Wirth, CEO of Squaw Valley Ski, confides in the statement of Matthew Newman, Consultant, who thinks the Olympic Valley Comprehensive Fiscal Report seems to use “reasonable assumptions with sound methodology”; they decline the current Olympic Valley plan. Though against the project, Squaw Valley Ski cooperates with support by suggesting changes to help see through the possibility of incorporation. One amendment suggests slowing the pace of construction. Taxes were also considered in the project. Squaw Valley Ski thinks reducing law enforcement coverage in the area would leave a negative impact on the already stable Olympic Valley, but that seemed to be one of the possible ways to reduce costs of the Olympic Valley incorpation.

With the high amount of interest in the project, all means of cost reduction appear to be evaluated. Most of the recommended changes entered into consideration, but they exited the docket soon after. The town of Olympic Valley needs help generating income. CFA Jim Simon signed the secondary Olympic Valley Comprehensive Fiscal Report along with Jane Carlson. Ultimately, the incorporation of Olympic Valley seems not fit to the necessary budget.

New York City Real Estate Has Many Places To Call Home

New York City is so incredibly popular that it’s one of those places where many celebrities will buy their home. Name a big celebrity out there today, and more than likely they have some NYC property. Models, actors, singers, and anyone looking for a possibility to become famous, they all want to start in New York City. Not only is New York City a very historical place with many sites to see, but the city is filled with opportunities for those who are seeking fame. Even those who don’t want to be famous, they can find their own little slice of heaven in New York City.

The only problem with New York City being such a desirable place is the fact that many will not be able to find a home there. If there are limited spaces in a certain area, and everyone is looking to move to that area, it’s unlikely that everyone will get in. Not only are the space is limited in New York City, but luxury spaces are even more limited. It may be difficult to find the perfect luxury place to live, especially if it has to have certain amenities.

If you look at the rich and famous that live in New York City, they may have a concierge that is in their building, they’ll have a swimming pool, room service, valet parking, and many more amenities that anyone would love to have. Not only the rich and famous can have such great amenities, even the average person can find some great accommodations in New York City with some luxurious amenities. If you’re looking for a great place to live that has the luxury that you really want, then you’ll need the right real estate agent.

The real estate agency to choose is Town Real Estate.

Town Real Estate deals directly with companies that have luxurious listings available, and these listings are not ordinary. The listings are big in size, and some may contain several thousand square feet. Amenities include anything from valet parking to a swimming pool, a concierge, a balcony and much more. Those that are looking for real luxury when it comes to living in New York City, they’ll want to work with Town Real Estate. Not only do the agents have the experience necessary to find you the nicest place to call home, but they know the city inside and out.

FreedomPop is Moving Forward With New Funding

FreedomPop has just made a big step forward in providing worldwide mobile services. According to the story on Tech Crunch, the start-up business has raised an additional $30 million to go towards their funding. Stephen Stokols, the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of the company, has said that they hope this funding will help to grow the company to become independent.

Stokols has said that FreedomPop has been approached by other companies who are looking to buy it out, however it said that they are not prepared to sell at this time. FreedomPop, who offer free text, data bundles, and voice calls to their users, are expecting to have around a million users in the United States by the end of this year. The company is also hoping to reach the status of a billion dollar company within the next 18 months.

Some of the funding that has been raised will go to building up FreedomPop’s customer service. Customers have experienced virtually no customer service so far, just dealing with the company online. However, Stokols says that they plan on changing that soon. He gave no details but said that they want their customer service workers to be ahead of the curve.

For the full story, click the link to check it out on Tech Crunch.