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Personal Experience Drives The Work Of Thor Halvorssen

The popular human rights activist and Film producer Thor Halvorssen has been outspoken in his belief too much money is spent by human rights activism groups researching the human rights issues of those living and working in democratic countries. In 2005, Thor set out his set of beliefs about the different ways he wanted to move forward as an activist with his decision to establish the Human Rights Foundation; Halvorssen explained he wished to work on the rights and objectives of those he believed to be stranded in the most oppressive nations in the world.

Halvorssen lives and bases the Human Rights Foundation in New York, but he understands how difficult life can be as members of his own family have been stripped of their own human rights in their home nation of Venezuela. Thor Halvorssen believes as much funding as possible should be funneled through to countries like Venezuela where the citizens are not given the opportunity to express their right to free speech or expression, and face violence and imprisonment if they show dissent against the ruling regime. Thor Halvorssen LinkedIn .

The interest Thor Halvorssen has in human rights is thought to have begun with the imprisonment of his father by corrupt Venezuelan law enforcement officials who the senior Halvorssen had discovered were part of the illegal drug industry in the Latin American country. This incident and the shooting injury suffered by Halvorssen’s mother during an anti-government protest in Venezuela has proven to be the driving force behind the important human rights work Thor has undertaken across the world. Unlike many others in the human rights activist community, Thor Halvorssen has been personally affected by human rights abuses committed against many members of his family and this has allowed him to make sure he focuses only on the issues he believes are of the greatest global importance. for more .