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The Rise of Handy

Cleaning a home can be a daunting task. Getting basic plumbing work done is not easy either. Fixing damage around the house is really something best left to those who possess the necessary skills to handle the work. For the average person, looking through the local business directory is not the best option. The costs are too high and the service can be inconsistent. Anyone who feels this way does have a venue in which to turn. Handy, formerly known as Handybook, provides great access to freelancers who provide top service at reasonable fees.

Handy is a rapidly growing company. The concept is very simple. An app is downloaded on a mobile device. People in need of home cleaning or other services simply type in where they live and the type of work they are seeking. A litany of freelancers and their fees appear soon after. Booking the freelancer and paying for the services is done right through Handy.

The company was launched with $2 million in startup investment funding. (The funding was raised by General Catalyst Partners and Highland Capital Partners) The headquarters are in New York and offices are open in various other cities in the United States. The minds behind Handy really did come up with a brilliant concept and the public is really turning the idea into a huge success. Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua are the two men who came up with the idea for Handy. As is the case with a host of tech company bios, the two men met on a college campus and were immersed in tech culture. That immersion combined with a dose of really forward-thinking business sense led to the creation of Handy, a novel idea that fills a massive need in the market.

How popular has this brilliant service become? The company is handling $1 million dollars in booking per week. That is an enormous amount of revenue being generated and the high quality of the freelancers working for the company contribute to this success.

The value of the freelancers should never be dismissed when discussing the incredible growth of Handy. The freelancers who work through Handy get a really good deal and this leads them to putting a lot of enthusiasm into their work. Had customers not been thrilled with the jobs done by the freelancers, the consistent stream of $1 million per week in revenue would never be possible.

In order to be hired as a freelancer, one of the toughest screening processes has to be completed. This includes an in-person interview and serious reference checks. Handy positively wants to make sure only the best workers are affiliated with its brand.

As a result, the brand has a good image. Revenues and sales prove this.