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A Financial Services Company

NexBank provides customized banking and finances services to institutional clients, and financial institutions. As a financial service company, NexBank is involved in commercial lending, which allows clients to secure the financing needed to fund operations. This company is also working on commercial real estate lending throughout all stages of a real estate project. Nexbank hires professionals that help their clients accelerate growth and NexBank offers credit services to community banks, in order to give them corporate credit. Nexbank provides administrative special servicing for investment and non-investment grade loans across many industries. NexBank also provides treasury management services which helps incease returns. NexBank is based out of Dallas, Texas.

Nexbank has a health rating of an A on Deposit It is the mission of NexBank to provide uncommon value every chance they get. They provide custom tailored solutions to all clients. NexBank is focused on the client and only the client. NexBank provides personal banking to individuals. There are deposit and cash management services available, customized to individual banking needs. As a bank, Nexbank helps individuals protect their savings for future generations. There are competitive interest rates provided so that the client can manage their funds while earning interest on a balance. Online and mobile banking services are available.