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Infinity Group Australia: Innovation in Debt Reduction Acknowledged

Graeme Holm and his partner, Rebecca Walker, founded the debt-reduction and financial counselling firm, Infinity Group Australia, in 2013. Holm had spent ten years working for a Big Four financial institution after college, and he noticed that the big banks didn’t provide financial counselling services for their borrowers and debtors. This meant that borrowers were massively overpaying on bad loan deals across the country. He resolved to find a way to make a business out of helping borrowers reduce their debt, and after six months of research on how to do this, he and Walker founded Infinity Group Australia.


Originally based out the couples’ home office, over the past five years they have grown to be a force in Australian finances. They now occupy an actual office building and employ a sizable staff.


Infinity Group Australia helps mortgage borrowers and debtors reduce their total debt as well as their individual payments. They use a staff of financially literate and experienced counselors to find every deduction, loophole and credit they can find, as well as budget planning and debt negotiation to help payments smaller and easier to make. Boasting a near-100% success rate and a client savings of $41k, they have helped hundreds of Australians reduce their debt and increase their portfolio value.


The firm also provides retirement planning and investment counselling. One important thing they want to achieve for their clients is to include some discretionary funds in their budgets, allowing them to enjoy some of the things money can buy as well as begin or continue investing and saving for retirement. With both of these services in place they can not only help with debt reduction, but can simultaneously help their clients prepare for later in life.


It is these policies and services from Infinity Group Australia that helped them land the #58 spot on Australian Financial Review’s Most Innovative Businesses List. The list, compiled in conjunction with Inventium, sifted through thousands of businesses from Australia and New Zealand to come up with the 100 businesses that had shown true innovation in mission, model, service and operation. The award is given annually, and Infinity Group Australia earned a spot on the list after being in business for only five years.


They continue to grow and both Infinity Group Australia and Holm have received awards and nominations in other areas of business. With such a needed service, it’s no wonder.¬†Learn more :¬†

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