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Sheldon Lavin Is The Innovative Mind Behind The OSI Group Empire

Sheldon Lavin is the innovative mind behind the OSI Group empire. The company is an international success and has been in business for more than 100 years. Sheldon Lavin joined the organization decades ago and has guided it through its ups and downs. He is the visionary behind the concept of the company’s current presence within the industry. OSI Group is one of the largest meat manufacturers in the world and continues to expand its business model to influence other aspects of the industry. Lavin is an award-winning businessman who has been recognized by many organizations throughout the years for his effective leadership techniques.

Sheldon Lavin began his career in food manufacturing in the 1950’s. He had previously been working in the banking industry. Lavin was a consultant who had his own firm. He was offered the chance to work with a family-owned organization known as Otto & Sons. Otto & Sons was a Chicago-based meat manufacturer that had obtained a contract with the McDonald’s Corporation. The contract with McDonald’s put Otto & Sons in a position to experience tremendous growth. Lavin was recommended by the bank to come in as a consultant and oversee the business dealings between the two organizations.

Over the years Sheldon Lavin’s role grew in the business dealings between Otto & Sons and the McDonald’s Corporation. He developed great relationships with both entities and it was recommended that he be involved full-time. Lavin accepted the arrangement and became a partner at Otto & Sons.

The original owners of Otto & Sons eventually settled into retirement. Sheldon Lavin took over the company as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. He began to make international business dealings. Around this time Otto & Sons became known as OSI Group.

OSI Group currently has 65 plants operating in 17 countries. There is a workforce that features over 20,000 employees. Lavin has pushed for growth and continues to set the standard at OSI. The company has completed recent mergers in order to diversify its impact on the industry. The acquisitions of Baho Foods, Flagship Food Group, Turi Foods and Tyson Foods are examples of the aggressive moves that were made to maintain the company’s identity in food manufacturing.

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