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How To Succeed The Jim Toner Way

After 25 years in the trenches, Jim Toner is beyond qualified to speak on what’s required to make it in business. Mr. Toner went from broke to being a very wealthy individual rather quickly. He is the first to admit that it was not easy for him. However, like most successful real estate investors, it was Jim Toner’s grittiness and resilient character that saw him through.

You can always count on things not going smoothly. Moments of panic like the financial crisis in 2008. The trick is to be able to ride them out, and a big part of the game is your mindset. Toner said, he loves helping aspiring investors. To that end, he has shared the following points of wisdom gleaned from his two and a half decades in business.

  1. Have a positive attitude at all times. When others see obstacles, you see opportunities.
  1. Build a competent team with a varied skill set. Be ready to delegate authority. No one can do it alone.
  1. Never stop working on your most important asset, which is yourself! Take the time to exercise and read self-development books. Study successful people and implement what you learn from them.
  1. There’s nothing wrong with working for others, but you must become an owner to achieve wealth, independence, and freedom.
  1. Be self-coached and your most demanding critic . Always be honest with yourself and push for your best at all times.
  1. Plan everything and set priorities. There are only so many hours in the day. Plan your work and work your plan.
  1. Set ambitious goals and know in your heart of hearts that you can reach them, and you will.

Jim Toner concludes by admitting that the secret to success is that there is no secret, just never quit! Get in touch with Toner on Facebook.

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