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Igor Cornelson Knows How To Find The Right Kinds Of Investment Opportunities Before The Crowd Does

Igor Cornelsen was born in Brazil and studied engineering at the Federal University of Parana. He later decided to go into economics instead of engineering and began to study the subject at the same college. In 1970, he graduated from the university and then moved on to work with an investment bank. He eventually gained a lot of recognition for his investment banking skills and was promoted to sit on the board of directors of Multibanco. Just a couple of years after this, he became the banks CEO.


Igor Cornelsen decided to move on and work for Unibanco after Bank of America purchased Multibanco. After working with Unibanco for many years, he went to work with Libra Bank PLC. He served with the bank for some time before going to work with the Standard Chartered Merchant Bank. He served the bank as a member of its board of directors for quite some time and then decided to start up his own investment firm in 1995. Today, he continues to serve as an investment manager and operates his own investment fund.


Igor Cornelsen was asked in a recent interview where the idea for his investment advising career had originated, and he answered that his business idea came about due to his own experience in the industry. He has managed funds in the stock market for over four decades and decided to stop making large sums of money for others when he could do so for himself, instead. He pays close attention to countries where political issues or economic choices are having a negative and sells his assets there before they become problematic.


Cornelsen seeks legitimate news sources to get his investing information from. One of his favorite news sources is Reuters, and he loves sourcing news from Reuters because it is generally free of analysis and the opinions of others. Instead of relying on a single investing strategy, he has been successful all of these years because of his ability to discover investing opportunities before others do. This, and the fact that he has been at the game for longer than most other investors have helped him to continue to find profits in any kind of market.

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