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Ryan Seacrest: Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Humanitarian

It is no secret that the Seacrest is a globally known celebrity by now. Ryan Seacrest started off his career by hosting a few teenage shows before he made it big with his job at American Idol. After landing the American Idol job, he quickly became known for his charming host personality along with his skills at properly delivering introductions and speeches. Not too much time passed until people started to hear the name “Ryan Seacrest” and refer to him as “that guy from American Idol”. Although the term might seem a bit insulting, Ryan didn’t mind one bit.

In fact, according to, Ryan Seacrest has stated on several occasions that he would do the American Idol Show for the rest of his life if he had the chance to do so. This turned out to not be the case since the show finally aired its last episode after 15 seasons. This undoubtedly emotionally affected Ryan (@ryanseacrest). According to his closest friends and family, he lost a part of himself after the show was cancelled.

This wasn’t the end of Ryan, though. According to Ryan, he shopped around from advice from more experienced people in the same industry and applied it. The advice was for him to not jump into anything too quickly so that he can have time to recover. Following this advice, he patiently waited until opportunity struck. However, to take this opportunity, he had to leave his old mindset behind.

Ryan Seacrest had to move to New York to be the co-host of “Live with Kelly and Ryan”. This turned out to be a great opportunity for him. He has also started his own radio show “On Air with Ryan Seacrest”. His humanitarian side allowed him to give back to the children by creating his very own non-profit organization called “The Ryan Seacrest Foundation“. It doesn’t stop there. Ryan has also been able to start his very own and very successful fashion line “Distinction”.

Ryan Seacrest can do it all and has proved it with his actions. The 43-year-old seems to have only begun to fulfill his true potential. He is a dedicated man.

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