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Fagali’I Airport

The Fagali’I Airport is a private airport that is located in the Fagali Village on the Samoa Archipelagos. The airport is owned by Polynesian airlines and Samoa Air.

What makes the Fagali’I Airport so unusual is that its runway was once a grass-strip only. However, it was re-sealed in July 2002. The airport has also faced several controversies as it is located in the center of the village. Naturally, its population has complained about the constant noises a lot. There have also been some safety concerns as the airport runway is located just several feet across from several residential blocks. There have been some environmental concerns as well as the airport is still in a very grassy location.

However, in July 2009, the airport resumed services according to They now include two international flights to American Samoa, Savi’i, and Pago Pago. Since that re-opening, Polynesian Airlines has acquired a third DHC Twin Otter in case services to Inter-Island Airways should be stopped.

The Fagali’I Airport does have its own money exchange office, however, their hours are not predictable. Hence, it’s recommended for clients to do that at the main airport in Faleolo. Still, any clients who don’t get their money exchanged at either airport can ask their taxi drivers to take them to the nearest ATM. The Village’s ATMs take debit cards from any country.


Airport Clients

It is recommended that clients familiarize themselves with the airport’s baggage and check-in policies ahead of time. In order avoid hassles, clients are recommended to arrive at the airport two hours early for a local flight and three hours early for an international flight according to Those who are at the Village on a business trip are recommended to fly with at at least one other co-worker and share a cab ride to the office with him or her.

International client will need to make sure that they have a valid passport with at least one blank page. However, those who plan to stay less than two months-or 60 days-are not required to have a tourist visa.

Most resorts and hotels are 20 minutes or less away from the airport.



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