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Victoria Doramus Addicted and Homeless to Recovery Expert

Victoria Doramus is a recovery expert based out of London. Her journey to success was filled with ups and downs in an attempt to fight a decades-long battle with addiction. Through the process, she had written a memoir about her addiction titled Adderall: A Love Story. She hit rock bottom at one point in her life, but the experiences she has made her stronger

For 15 years she fought with her toxic habits; succeeding and failing time and time again. At 26 she went to a rehab facility in Tuscon Arizona. It was her first time in rehab for cocaine and Adderall. She would relapse again five years later at age 31. This time ending up at Burning Tree in Austin Texas, a harsh love rehab facility with structure and accountability.

Burning Tree gave Victoria the structure and discipline she needed in her life at the time. It started with waking up at 5:45 am, followed by prayer and meditation. Next was chores ranging from scraping paint off fences to bathing dogs and mowing the lawn. Once they had accomplished their tasks during the day, they attended meetings. These meetings were a combination of AA, 12 step programs, peer confrontations and peer evaluations. It was a way of confronting the addict in the mirror and owning their behaviors over playing victim to their addictions.

After an extended stay at Burning Tree, Victoria Doramus went to live in a halfway house in Dallas. The requirements to stay included working 30-40 hours a week and attending meeting five days a week. After four months of waiting tables, Victoria was finally able to afford a plane ticket to see her mom. After the trip, she moved to New York to pursue work with nonprofits putting her knowledge to use. She now wishes to start her own halfway house in New York inspired by Burning Tree and its program. Click here to learn more about our consumer trends expert.

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