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Luis Carlos Trabuco, How His Leadership Earned Him Bradesco’s CEO Position

The past four years have seen Luiz Carlos Trabuco defy odds and tiptoe through the success ladder into heading one of the most successful banking and insurance companies in Brazil. Not even a Doctorate Degree in Psychology rather than the preferred Finance Degree would stand in his way. The respected opinion maker in Brazil would start within the operations department of the company but steadily rise to the managerial and executive roles before taking up the company’s reigns in 2009. How did his leadership skills lead him to succeed in this highly competitive career? Read this article about Luis Carlos Trabuco at Estadao.

Ability to mobilize staff

Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s first directorial role was linked to heading the banker’s insurance division. During his stay there, he not only helped the insurer increase its contribution to Bradesco’s revenue pool but also expanded its operation. By the time he skipped over to Bradesco’s banking division, he had helped the insurer double its operations size, a fact that he attributes to positive staff mobilization techniques.

Deal execution

Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s stay and leadership within Bradesco has been marked by a raft of acquisitions, all of which proved vital to Bradesco’s continuity. At one time, Banco de Bradesco was the biggest privately held financial group in Brazil regarding both customer subscription and asset base. This dominance would, however, come to the test in the first decade of the millennium.

Key mergers and acquisitions in the industry saw the giant finance company fall off the number one list in all areas. It would take Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s intervention that meant acquiring numerous small companies. This move helped them to find their footing again and enabled the company to thrive. Visit to know more about Luis Carlos Trabuco.

Forecasting ability

The experience gained over the forty years of active involvement in the financing sector didn’t just earn a Chief Executive Officer’s position. It also helped Luiz Carlos Trabuco horn his forecast skills, a fact that has earned him respect and the confidence of the country. He is, therefore, considered an economic influencer and his commentaries on different financial matters are taken seriously across the country. The trust bestowed on him by the public then reflects on the company’s success and market share.


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