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Sussex HealthCare: Benefits And Job Opportunities

Having a career in the healthcare field can be exciting. If you love helping people and being part of their healing process or just need a job in general, consider working for Sussex Healthcare. The owners Shariz Boghani and Shafik Sachedina would love to have you join their team.

It does not matter if you don’t have experience because Sussex Healthcare has its own training academy. You will get paid training for the position you were hired for and come away with knowledge that could help you land a promotion. You ae more than welcome to continue learning from the academy simply because there is always room for advancement. Other benefits to working at Sussex Healthcare is free uniforms, a pension, paid vacations, bonuses for working nights, holidays, and weekend shifts, and meal subsidies. If you need to put a loved one into an assisted living center, you will get a reduce rate as a courtesy for allowing us to help them.

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There are many facilities that have job openings. Horsham, Billinghurst, East Grinstead, Henfield, and Uckfield are where these openings are. The staff bus will take you there when it’s time for your shift to start. What are some of the job openings available? Well, there is the Care Assistant, Domestic Care Assistant, Senior Care Assistent, Driver, Payroll Supervisor, Accounting Supervisor, Laundry Assistant, Activities Coordinator, and Care Support Worker. Sussex HealthCare has plenty of opportunities to help you expand your future.

Of course, your number one goal is to take care of the patients. The company looks for employees that believe in making the environment safe and friendly for the patients, since they are the focus. If you believe that a career in healthcare is for you than go for it. You won’t regret your decision.

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