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Micro, Macro, and Beyond:Mike Bagguley

Mike Bagguley is the Chief Operating Officer at the London based Barclays PLC. Receiving his undergraduate mathematics degree from the University of Warwick in 1988, he has been a progressive force in the finance industry. His role as COO of the Barclays Investment Bank began in 2015. Prior to this promotion, Mike Bagguley held the position of macro products head within the same company. He has been with the organization for over 15 years. His current role tasks him with the objective of accelerating the bank’s delivery of strategic overhaul. This is a key role within the company and states a lot about Mike’s previous accomplishments. His experience in reducing and reshaping macro business such as interest rates and commodities will serve him well as he’ll be in charge of coordinating major projects throughout the Barclays Bank. With repositioning their structure as a top goal, Mike Bagguley attended duties immediately preceding the news of his promotion. One of the institutions other priorities will be making bigger returns while reducing risks. This will be another matter that Mike will assist in. He was moved into this position mainly to help cut costs and improve the overall turnaround within the investment bank. One of the cost reducing changes Barclays has made was a three year plan to cut over 7000 employment positions within its organization. Mike Bagguley initially joined Barclays in 2001 as part of the fixed income trading desk unit. The bank was happy to fulfill the role of chief operating officer since it had been vacant for several months after the former COO resigned. With Britain and the United States being their home markets, they believe they are finally on track for the investment bank to reach its desired size. Visiting the profile of Mike Bagguley provides insightful information on his most recent news and activity.

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