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Graeme Holm Bring Changes In The Australian Mortgage

Graeme Holm is a director of Infinity Group Australia. The company has an office in Cronulla, Brisbane, Bella Vista and Port Macquarie. He has over seventeen years in the financial service sector and the first ten years was spent on the big four banking setting. At that time, Holm was not happy with the pushing of one branded product and the fact that the Australian people were getting poor deals from the Financial Institutions. In the year 2013, Graeme and his partner Rebecca Walker brought together their passion and experience in finance to offer better deals for Australian families and so was the Infinity Group Australia born. Holm spent six months researching the Australian Mortgage market where he found that there were no given support, guidance, advice or even services for the Australian families. The firm came to change these problems, and they help their clients pay off their loan in the fastest way possible. With Infinity Group Australia, clients pay their loans in the first three months compared to earlier where they did it for about a year.


By the time Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker were opening their first office for the company, they only had some desks and a big idea to change the Australian loan Market. Holm was aware that a lot of clients live a salary to salary kind of life and only make minimum loan repayment for the thirty years period. He saw that this situation needed to change for the better. The group according to Holm acts as the personal trainer on customers” finances so that they get better results when it comes to mortgage repayment. With the support and guidance from Infinity Group Australia, customers can pay the 30 years term loan within a period of seven to ten years.


According to Graeme, having a financial coach who sticks to a weekly based budget and depositing all the other incomes directly and learning to live with the weekly budget is very important. A customer will not fall victim to unnecessary spending and will be able to repay their home loan at a good pace. The company’s reviews show that Holm together with his Staff help to ease the financial concerns of their clients and they can work and spend time with families freely knowing that their issues on loans are well taken care of. The clients are happy with the group for helping them achieve their financial goals.

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