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Juan “OG” Perez And His Lavish Lifestyle.

Juan OG Perez celebrated his birthday which had been organized by people such as Jay Z who is a hip-hop icon where he is said to have spent over $113,000 for his friend and business partner. OG Juan was joined by a small squad of his close friends in the celebration of his 50th birthday. It was a classy celebration which saw many expensive things. The birthday celebrations started in Midtown and Perez was also accompanied by his wife, Desiree Perez.

A dining event followed, and it took place at an international hotel which mainly deals with Japanese cuisines. The guests were treated to a variety of lobsters which amounted to 13,000, and they then proceeded to a nightclub in Mexico. They then spent $9,000 on refreshments showing how much they enjoyed themselves. Later in the night, music icon Jay Z together with his friends purchased 40 champagne bottles and the total amount spent $91,000.

The group continued enjoying themselves throughout the night where Jay Z and Juan Perez spent time at Playroom Nightclub. The crew of Roc Nation further partied into the night until early morning where they had consumed 20 bottles of Ace of Spades champagne. A receipt of the drinks found its way into the internet, and it went viral.

The refreshments cost a massive amount of money, but the drinks were shared out with other people who were drinking in the club. Most of the products used by the Roc Nation crew were as a result of a company owned by Jay Z. Perez, and Jay Z have built a strong friendship bond which saw the two friends enjoy the party together. Perez has also been running business ventures together with his wife, and this also adds to their income. His music career is still thriving because of his many records and connections with well-known artists.

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