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Juan “OG” Perez Gets Blowout Birthday Party

Juan “OG” Perez has proven himself to be a great friend of Jay-Z. These partners have been friends for a long time. Perez even has a wife that is connected to Jay-Z with the music streaming and the Roc Nation business ventures. Jay-Z would spare no expense when it came to doing things up for this long time friend.

It was only a party of 5, but Jay-Z would easily find himself spending over 100,000 for things like 40 bottles of champagne and a lavish dinner. This is the true sign of a wealthy man. Juan “OG” Perez has been part of the Jay-Z circle for a long time, but few people may have known just how close these two were. It appears that Jay-Z was really out to show his long time friend a good time. There are tons of celebrities talk about money and how they spend it, but it is evident that Jay-Z is someone that is doing much more than just talking. He is actually putting in time to help his friends enjoy. He is not just keeping all the wealth to himself.

Juan “OG” Perez has been mentioned in Jay-Z songs. His wife has been part of the Jay-Z circle of influence. There are some huge ties here so it helps to have someone like “OG” Juan in place because he work behind the scenes. This is where Perez comes into the picture. He may not be someone that is well known on the front line, but Juan is clearly doing some very important work behind the scenes. This is why Jay-Z doesn’t mind spending. This is why he could spend 100,000 on a party with 5 people for a close friend and not give it a second thought. Juan and Jay have strong ties.

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