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Mina Ebrahimi and her buttercream recipe

Not everyday you could expect to be swamped with work and that’s always true for almost any business. And Mina Ebrahimi’s catering business isn’t an exception. She says that this is one of the most valuable times of the year which gives her a sneak peek into what is not working efficiently and what newer changes that could be brought to the business. In one of her spare moments, she reflected on how their cupcake recipes could be made more perfect. She is a great fan of American style buttercream icing and while it could be too sweet to some, she provides some of her secret tips to get the best American style buttercream.

  • She advises us on starting off with a slightly chilled form or butter as it is likely to help the buttercream to hold its shape. Two sticks of butter could be a great start.
  • Try to use combinations of an unsalted and salted form of butter as the latter is known to make the buttercream more balanced.
  • Make sure to use a quarter of a cup of shortening as it helps stabilize the buttercream especially if you live in a humid state.
  • Check to see if you could cream the shortening and butter together and whip it for a couple of minutes. This would make sure that the buttercream does not get waxy or greasy.
  • Then add powdered sugar portions and when all of the sugar is added, it is likely to look like a dough.
  • Next step is to add 2-3 tablespoons of heavy cream as the fat content in it helps to add a creamy flavor to the buttercream.
  • Next step is to add a couple teaspoons of extract. You could use any extract you wish even though vanilla extract is the most common one.
  • After this, try to beat the buttercream in the mixer for about 5-6 minutes until its fluffy and delicious.

Even though she is a business owner, Mina Ebrahimi has never lost passion for cooking and this drive helps her to come up with new and creative recipes.

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