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Dr. Saad Saad: A Life Well Lived

There is an article, “Dr. Saad Saad: Global Life & Career”, on that highlights an exceptional member of the medical community, Dr. Saad Saad. This Dr. is exceptional for so many reasons. He overcame a lot of adversity, as one of eight children in his home, to become a board-certified pediatric surgeon. He is fluent in both Arabic and English, making him a very desirable professional. While he did work hard, it is worth noting that his entire family is high-performing, with all of his siblings obtaining postgraduate degrees. It seems that a standard of quality was always required within his family.


One of the highlights of Dr. Saad Saad’s career is his time in Riyadh where he worked for the King Faisal Specialist Hospital. This hospital was directly responsible for treating members of the Saudi Arabian royal family, a family that handpicked Dr. Saad Saad to treat them. He was expected to perform simple duties, but also some of the most complex surgeries that he will ever see in his entire career. He remains exceptional to this day, but this was a very important time in his career. He started his family there and became a valuable member of the community.


One of the best things about this position was that even though he was expected to treat royal family members, he was also given the chance to treat the poor as well. He saw something about his former life in these children and he wanted to give them the opportunities that he was given, the opportunity to try. He believed that if these children were given another opportunity at life, they would have a chance to do the things that matter to them. Early on in his career, he had a mentor that went above and beyond to teach him the lesson that everyone matters, regardless of where they come from. He carries that to this day and it makes him a very loving and caring professional to his patients.


Dr. Saad Saad had his own family, two of which went on to become surgeons, one became a lawyer, and one is an excellent ICU nurse. All of these children went into the world with the same respect for their patients and are instrumental in their care. He believes that the global experience that his children had growing up made them well-suited for a time in the medical community because they had experience with many different members of society. He was also able to form lifelong friendships with people all over the world. This is made his life richer and his family more diverse. To this day he still values that experience and is practicing in the United States as a pediatric surgeon to this day. Learn more:

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