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Gregory James Aziz Innovative Transformation Of The National Steel Car Company

In 1994, James Aziz purchased the Canadian National Steel Car Company. After the acquisition from Dofasco, his apparition for the steel car company was way beyond imagination. Greg Aziz wanted to make the company the America’s most powerful railroad freight steel car manufacturer.


Gregory J. Aziz, also known as Greg Aziz improved on various critical areas of the company which led to its success. First, he boosted its engineering capabilities that saw it rise within unexpected periods of time. For this reason, the company’s manufacturing capability rose abundantly to 12, 000 cars from the previous 3,500 cars per annum. During the same period of time, the National Steel Car Company experienced an increased employment rate that also rose rapidly from 600 to 3000 laborer’s.


According to Gregory J. Aziz, the National Steel Car Company has achieved a lot since its acquisition. To begin with, it has since emerged as the most productive steel car company in America. It has, with time, been recognized as the most innovative company with the highest production number of new railroad freight steel cars. For these reasons, Mr. Gregory James Aziz, also known as, Greg Aziz received numerous honors by the TTX SECO awards. He, however, insisted that, as a company, they do not solely rely on past awards but will forever strive for excellence.


Greg Aziz has contributed widely to charities. Due to his company’s success, he has been involved in various sponsorships where he has been able to support many organizations. Among some of organizations that benefited from his sponsorship are the united way, Salvation Army, Theatre Aquarius and many more. Gregory Aziz is married to Irene and they are currently both focused on making people’s lives better through charity. Aside from their past charities, they are presently sponsoring the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Canada.


About Gregory J. Aziz


Gregory James Aziz is the chairman and president of the National Steel Car Company. Also known as Greg Aziz, he was born in 1949. This was in London, Ontario where he also happened to attend his higher education. He joined the Ridley College and later on joined the University of Western Ontario where he pursued economics.


Gregory J. Aziz worked at his family food business firm. He worked in his family firm for almost 10 years before moving out to pursue his profession. Between 1980s and 1990s, Greg James Aziz worked on various banking opportunities. See This Page for more information.



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