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Did You Know That Cassio Audi was Once a Musician?

Without any doubt, rock and pop music has always been a delight in the society since several decades ago. Many musicians who have produced this kind of music have earned a lot of popularity mainly because this music is entertaining. Cassio Audi was once a famous musician in the 80s and 90s. He was a rock and pop music singer. The main achievement that he made was producing two albums within that short period that he was in this industry. His first music album was released in 1985 and went by the name Killera Sword. The next album was produced in 1987 and was known as Soldiers of Sunrise.

Among the songs produced by Cassio Audi that people loved include killers, the whisper and the nightmare. Something unique about him is that he was excellent in drumming. In fact, most of the fans saw that he had a very bright future in music. His talent in drumming was very noticeable from his first album. It was through his artistic way of beating the drums and aligning them with the melodies that many people admired him.

He did not perform alone; instead, he belonged to a band comprised of five Brazilian teenagers. It is with them that he made the two albums. It is believed that Cassio Audi played a significant role in keeping his band, the Viper famous and outstanding. Even though at first the group was heavily criticized by the fans, with time it gained popularity, and it was a huge entertainment source for most of them. The members of the band perfected their talents and skills. By the time the group released another album during that period, Cassio Audi had already left the group. He left the group in 1989. He later joined the university where he started pursuing his career in finance.

Despite his skills and talent in music, especially drumming, many people do not associate him with music. Instead, he is very famous in the financial world. Probably, if Cassio continued to pursue music, he would be a great star today. However, his finance career is also doing great.

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