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Avaaz is an online website that deals with creating awareness on environmental safety, climatic change, human rights, corruption, and conflicts. This site was launched in 2007 in the United States, and it has been very active in advancing its fight against rots in the society as well as environmental safety. The Guardian newspaper considers Avaaz to be the largest online network in the globe that deals with activism related activities. The term Avaaz is derived from the ancient Persian language to mean voice. This is in line with the group’s purpose to raise awareness when they note a gap in the society.

Avaaz was founded by Ricken Patel who is of Canadian-British descent. Mr. Patel also serves as the CEO of this online based organization. Mr. Patel is a graduate of Balliol College in Oxford University where he obtained his degree in PPE. He later joined Harvard University and graduated with a Masters in Public Policy. Mr. Patel has worked for International Crisis Group for many years. During his time with this organization, he visited countries such as Sierra Leone, Afghanistan, Liberia and Sudan. Ricken played a very crucial role in lowering the political temperatures in these countries during his time with International Crisis Group. He, later on, worked for as a volunteer. This is where he bought the idea of starting Avaaz.

The organization holds numerous campaigns online to highlight a particular problem. Their campaigns are overseen by a team of dedicated individuals from over 30 countries. The organizers always inform the members when they intend to begin a campaign through emails. Most of their campaigns are done through online public petitions, emails, and videos.

The organization will most of the times seek legal advice before embarking on a campaign. The group’s members are tasked with coming up with suggestions of the campaign to undertake at a particular period. The group’s specialists gauge the relevance of the proposal, and if it is found to be significant, tester emails are sent to members. The members then give the go-ahead to start a campaign if many of them agree to it.

Avaaz does not accept funds from charity organizations. It also doesn’t accept donations even from individuals that exceed $5,000. The group relies on the contribution of generous individual members of the group.

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