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Remarkable Anti-Aging Contributions of Dr. Dov Rand

Dr. Dov Rand, West Orange, NJ Bioidentical Hormone Specialist, is the President of Health Aging Medical Centers. He earned his Doctor of Medicine Degree from Albert Einstein College of Medicine. For his specialty, he has been certified by the Anti-aging Medical Board in Anti-Aging medicine. His contributions to the field are quite remarkable and help many people (Premiergazette).

Dr. Dov Rand helps patients who suffer with age related health issues that greatly impact the quality of their everyday life. With aging come many health related changes, many of which, are unpleasant at best. His patients may complain of symptoms including, but not limited to, erectile dysfunction, muscle atrophy, mental fogginess, as well as the many symptoms associated with menopause. Dr. Dov Rand’s expertise and dedication has been greatly beneficial to the aging men and women who have been treated by him.

Dr. Dov Rand has taken an approach to treating these age related issues with both an integrative and regenerative approach. In his research he found that the body possesses hormones that can work in ways that are more beneficial as we age and those that can begin to function in ways that can bring about negative effects. The hormone levels of DHEA, human growth hormone, thyroid hormone, progesterone, testosterone, and estrogen can greatly decrease with age. Dr. Dov Rand has determined that by bringing these hormone levels back into the upper percentile of their optimal range, the patient’s health is greatly improved.

The way that Dr. Dov Rand accomplishes this is through the implementation of bioidentical hormones, cardiovascular exercises to increase lung capacity, and strength training to increase lean body mass and lower fat. The HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) diet, developed by a British physician in 1954, is also implemented in the event that Dr. Dov Rand determines a patient has been unable to lose stubborn fat through a more balanced diet and exercise alone. Men may also receive andropause treatment, have male hormone optimization therapy, and participate in programs especially designed for men’s health and wellness. Dr. Dov Rand’s approach has been found to be safe and effective.


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