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The End Citizen United Raised Eleven Million Dollars To Make Sure

The End Citizen United is trying not to let billionaires take over the election voting. They have about seven board members who wants to stop the billionaires from taking over the United States election. These board member are native Americans who live in the United States since birth. The End Citizen United wants the billionaires to stop with the madness and learn that the United States should be using a great deal of money from the corporation who is spending it. They need to stop and focus on the people who is living in this beautiful land. This is the land of the free and they should keep providing for the natives who stay in this nation.

The End Citizen United mission is to end big corporations who are in politics and using the United States money for elections that are being funded by the states and federal. The United States spend tax payers money on elections when voting for the right person who is running for office. This should have been done the right way and this is not a competition on who is the richest. The End Citizens United wants to end it and keep our nation growing. I think that each politic group should come together to support the American dream.

End Citizen United raised eleven million dollars to make sure that democracy party will stay in the Untied States who the people have voted for. This movement started in March 2015. They want to keep the Democratic party in office. While the Republican is trying to get rid of the Democratic party. The End Citizen United wants all the people in the United States to make a minimum donations keep the party going. The End Citizen United wants each American to donate about five dollars to keep the Democratic party in the United States. They will spend about 38 million dollars for 2018.

James Bopp is the president of the End Citizen United. He is a lawyer who wanted to make a movie about the Hillary story but one of the judge said “No”. He compared the movie to the 60 minutes show. Which made a very unfair agreement on the subject of a powerful women who loves her country and had a husband who was our former president. James Bopp is a great lawyer who supports the Americans who live here in the United States.

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