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Milan Kordestani CEO And Founder Of Milan Farms

The Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Milan Farms is Milan Kordestani. He writes on the topics of politics, agriculture and mental health for the Huffington Post. He competes nationwide as a horseman and is excellent at it.

Kordestani lives in California Bay Area. He attended Phillips Brooks Elementary school in California. In 2017 Milan graduated from Sacred Heart Preparatory High School in Atherton and is currently attending college. He grew up in Stanford, California, the place of his birth. Milan moved to London, England, with his family in 2009, after his parents were divorced. He attended Eaton Square School. Milan returned to the Bay Area in 2010.

At the age of 10, Milan Kordestani developed a love affair with horses and began riding them. While riding a horse on a trail, he was thrown off the horse. Being thrown off a runaway horse did not discourage Milan from riding horses. He got up and rode a horse back to the camp.

According to Betts Coup of The National Horseman, Milan Kordestani is a hard dedicated worker who has an effortless form and has a need to ride horses that are world-class.

After taking riding lessons in Atherton for just a short time, Milan Kordestani began competing with world champion horses. While riding his horse, Ch His Supreme Reflection, he was successful in winning the first leg of the triple crown.

Milan Kordestani founded Milan Farms during his second year as a sophomore in high school. His company specialized in poultry production, saffron, and eggs. He connected with many farms throughout the country. Milan was the first saffron farmer to increase the spice by putting the roots in the water on a microfiber sponge.

The goal of Milan Farms is to give consumers a genuine choice in the products they purchase. Milan Farms is devoted to being open and transparent in the way it raises its animals. The customer should know explicitly what they need when it comes to choosing what they buy. The customers are to be given an honest choice that is instantly available, telling them how the animal is raised.


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