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The Five Things You Should Say “No” to While Working With Market America

You might have scored your dream job with Market America, but that does not mean you should be a pushover. You are allowed to say “no” to things while on the job. Below you will find several examples of what and when you should say “no.”

1) Do you know what one of the seven most expensive words in business is?

“We have always done it that way.”

Sometimes selling a tech product will become moot. You need to know when your selling techniques are ineffective and when you should walk away. Beating a dead horse affects your bottom line and your product value.

2) You need to find out your goals and what is expected of you at Market America. Selling tech products is one thing. Do you need to do anything else? Are you required to go above and beyond in certain situations? Your goal is to find this out. Those who are not working towards a specific goal in Market America should consider doing something else.

3) Some places might hold unnecessary meetings. A recent survey finds that more than 70% of all company workers find their meetings unproductive, boring, and not needed. You need to ask the people at Market America what your meetings will be like. Signing on with a company that holds unnecessary and unproductive meetings will be counter-inducive to your growth.

4) Your work is important, but so is your personal life. Checking your email 24/7 is going to grow tired and exhaustive. You need to put your phone down and do something else. Schedule a time to sell your products and a time to do other things.

5) You might need to sell something that is low-quality. That might conflict with your work and your values. You need to focus your energy on the tech products that are worth something to you and your client. Selling low-quality products just to fill a quota will do more harm than good.

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