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Stream Energy Creates Philanthropic Arm

Stream Energy has created a new philanthropic foundation and in order to assist the victims of a hurricane Harvey in the city of Dallas Texas. They have partnered with another company, Hope Supply company so that they would be able to reduce the levels of homelessness that have been affecting the city since the devastation of the hurricane last year. The new philanthropic foundation that has been founded by Stream Energy is known as stream cares.

Through our partnership with @hopesupplyco.dfw Stream donated more than 300 toys and gifts to homeless children in the DFW metroplex. A big’ thank you’ to our Stream employees who volunteered their time at Hope Supply Co. by sorting and wrapping toys and gifts. Tis the season to spread hope and cheer!

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It was less than one year ago that hurricane Harvey came through the state of Texas and dropped nearly 5 feet worth of rain on various neighborhoods throughout the state. In particular, the city of Houston was affected drastically. Individuals throughout the city were completely powerless as they watched their homes be destroyed. This inspired the Texan-based company Stream Energy to begin its own version of corporate philanthropy. This is not uncommon as the company has a history of doing things in order to help the community it is a part of. Stream Energy is a direct selling energy company.

The aftermath of hurricane Harvey has given the energy company a chance to demonstrate how they can use the money that they generate to help their community. They believe that it is important for them to give more than just money back to the communities they serve. They have launched a separate entity known as stream cares in order to service their philanthropic efforts. There are some advantages to creating a separate entity for their philanthropic endeavors. Statistically, corporations in the United States of America are some of the most generous entities in the entire nation. In 2016 corporations were listed as donating $19 billion to charities and nonprofits throughout the country. This number does not include the amount of money that was also dedicated towards corporate sponsorship and marketing.

The business model of the Stream Energy is relatively simple. They sell energy directly to clients and uses a network of clients in order to deliver their services and products. They provide both residential and corporate services. The associates who work for the company are paid on commission from the sales that they produce.

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