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OSI Industries Continues Aggressive European Expansion By Purchasing Flagship Europe

OSI Industries is a 109-year old American company that’s a world food industry leader when it comes to creating and distributing quality meat, dough and vegetable products. The company also has a great reputation for being able to design and implement excellent custom solutions for their clients all around the world. Founded as Otto & Sons family meat market in the Chicago, Illinois area, Sheldon Lavin took control of the company in the 1980s, changed its name to OSI Industries and transformed it into an international food industry giant through expansion and acquisition.

Today, OSI Industries has more than 70 food processing facilities in 17 countries in North, South and Central America, Europe, Asia and Australia. And the company continues to expand. OSI Industries is in the process of growing its customer base and production facilities in Europe. To do so they have acquired Flagship Europe, a food products company with its headquarters in the United Kingdom and customers in several European nations. OSI Industries has also purchased the Dutch owned company Baho Foods, which has processing facilities in Germany and the Netherlands and customers in 18 European countries.

To better serve its clients in Europe, OSI Industries has also enlarged its production facility in Toledo, Spain. The company is now able to have an output capacity in excess of 45,000 pounds of pork, chicken and beef products because of its recently installed new high capacity production line. This will help to better serve the growing number of OSI Industries customers in Europe. OSI Industries also has 10 food processing facilities in China and recently built facilities in India and the Philippines to make it possible to meet the demands of the millions of potential customers in Asia.

But even as OSI Industries continues to move forward with its global expansion activities, the Aurora, Illinois headquartered company is also making sure it has adequate production capacity in the United State. One action the leadership of OSI Industries has recently taken to increase its U.S. production capability was to purchase a conveniently located 200,000 square foot former Tyson Foods plant located on Chicago’s south side. OSI Industries also continues to provide private label brand meat and other foods for companies, supermarkets and restaurants throughout the United States.

CEO Sheldon Lavin, president and Chief Operating Officer David McDonald and the rest of the OSI Industries executive team continue to work to make the company grow.

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