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The comparison of David Zaliks and Sahm Adrangi

Greensky has changed the manner through which people access the loans through their mobile phones. In the globe, the use of cellphone has become common leading to users depending on the gadget to transact their daily transactions. Therefore to tap into the market of cellphone users, David Zaliks founded a company known as Greensky which connected the banks and consumers of their products. Thus through Greensky mobile app, it has become possible for the customers to borrow loan without necessary going to the bank halls and without paperwork. Currently, the company has enabled the bank’s institution to disburse more than $8 billion worth of loan. Greensky Company is valued at $3.6 billion which includes the Fifth Third Bancorp investors. David Zaliks, the founder of GreenSky, was math prodigy who attended college as well as founded the first company a PC assembler and refurbished at the tender age of 14. The Company has more than 1.2 million users across the globe.

The Chief Executive Officer who happens to be the founder has experienced numerous success in his professional career from a very young age. Zalik is considered as a math Whiz, and as a result, he bypassed high school and attended college at Auburn University just like Apple CEO Tim Cook. He followed in his father’s footsteps and studied mathematics as well as launched his first business dealing Micro Tech information systems while still a college freshman. During his time in college, he assembled PC and sold to other students and corporations as well as offering software solutions. Rather than starting the Green Sky, Zalik has ventured into the real-estate business where has also succeeded in breaking into the market. His success in initiating business as well succeeding in them is a result of pure dedication and the willingness to take risks. For instance, he initiated his financial company when the world was experiencing financial crises. After the company went under he was able to turn it around using the scarce resources he had. As a result of networking with like-minded individuals, the company was able to achieve a significant milestone in making GreenSky become one of the most successful mobile apps.

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