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The Chainsmokers, Open Eyes

The Chainsmokers have elaborately crafted their latest masterpiece known as Sick Boy, which explains the importance of not making being liked on Facebook important for the mental and emotional health of the individual on those platforms which is certainly almost everyone in the world. The Chainsmokers have a well developed fan base of about a few billion people as their views on Youtube indicate which goes to show that The Chainsmokers are not exempt from this predicament of fitting into an image that others place upon each other in an expectation that the person will act according to this image and unwarranted identity. They combat this situation as best they could by digging in deep through to their psyches to find the truth that they would want to express thru music to the world which communicates how the world is today in this generation of kids who grow up in their teens and wonder who they really are as they struggle with their identity. The Chainsmokers serve as a signal to those in their developing stages to not get sucked into the hype that surrounds being a popular character on Facebook because it is so trivial in reality plus it is also really nothing to consider life and death over. The positive message is owed to Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart as they trudge forwards as soldiers of the truth. In fact a lot of their fan base consist of people in high school or college and these are the times when identity is everything to the individual. Imagine the struggle and vulnerability that would do to a kid who is seduced with being liked on Facebook while digging down into their mind to find out who they truly were meant to become. This is the target audience of the Chainsmokers even though they elicited a massive following from a variety of age groups as well. Few bands take the time and effort required to make music so reflective that it becomes an almost existential experience for the listeners involved with their creative works of art that knows no bounds and keeps pushing to set new standards for both themselves and the music industry at large.

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