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Upwork- To-Do List

Creating a to-do list is a great way to set out your tasks for the day, but, once you have it, getting through it may be another thing altogether. Instead of getting frustrated, use these tips to help you knock out every item on your list.

Write It All Down

This holds true, even if there are some things you’ll never forget. By writing it down, you can let your mind forget it and you’ll be less stressed. It’s on your list, so don’t worry about it. If you need help writing your list, consider hiring a writer from Upwork. They’re a freelancing site that connects professionals with those in need of services.

Get Your List Written Ahead of Time

If you prepare your list the night before, you won’t have to do it first thing in the morning. This will give you that extra time to get those tasks done earlier.

Take Advantage of Mobile Technology

Most people write their tasks down on scraps of paper, which are scattered around the office, the house, and even in the car. Instead, create one master list, using a note-taking app on your mobile phone. Since you always have your phone with you, that list will be at your fingertips anytime you need to edit it.

Time Your Tasks

By determining when you will start each task and approximately how long it will take, you can better plan out your day. This helps you see what you can really expect to get done in the day and helps you decide if some tasks will have to be put off to another day. By connecting with freelancers on Upwork, you may be able to complete your list more efficiently. Hiring an assistant has never been easier, especially with Upwork’s convenient payment options. Freelancers offer their services and submit proposals to do your tasks, allowing you to make a selection based on your own criteria. Or you can select someone you liked working with previously, eliminating the proposal process.

Prioritize Your List

No matter how fast you work, things will happen to eat up chunks of your time. Arrange your to-do list, so you’ll get the most important tasks done first. That way, if you do run out of time, you won’t be stressed about not getting something vital done.

Group Your Tasks Together

This means making all of your phone calls in one sitting or writing out reports all at once. Similarly, if the grocery store, bank, and post office are located in the same area, do those tasks all together. This saves on time and gas. Anything you can do to reduce the time your tasks take will help you get done sooner.

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