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Contributions Of David McDonald To OSI Company

David McDonald serves as the president and the chief operating of the OSI group, He also served as project manager of OSI industries. McDonald has been working with the OSI Company, since 1987. Currently, he is the chairman of the Institute of North American meat institute. David McDonald OSI Group has worked as an independent Director in Marfrig Global Foods S.A.McDonalds is a member of OSI board of directors. He works as a director of OSI international foods in Australia. McDonald graduated with the degree in Animal Science from Lowa state university.

McDonald is working toward adapting to the new changes in the world today. He believes that by adapting to these changes in the world, this will enable the OSI Company to improve. McDonalds explains how consumers value bringing up their animals, the source of their products, local sourcing, and labeling. McDonald is working with OSI group members to ensure that customer’s preferences are met.

MacDonald together with his team, give opportunities to the local management to work in the company. The reason behind this is, Local management have more information concerning local cultures and their needs. This enables the OSI Company to develop solutions and strategies for their customer’s needs, hence, helping company to be more sustainable.

The main target of the employees in OSI Company is to meet customer needs and expectation. Everyone in the company is flexible because of the solution to new ideas. Employees have established good relationship at work; this makes it easy for MacDonald to achieve the goals set by the company. MacDonald has created successful and dynamic partnerships. Most of the partners know the business practices and culture in all OSI group location. All the partners are close to their customers in their specific regions.

Last year, OSI groups bought Baho foods. Baho Foods is known for manufacturing deli meats, snacks, and fast-moving foods. MacDonald says that this will create strong market in Europe, since, Baho food is the well-known manufacturer. He hopes that this will assist the company in satisfying the needs of their customers. MacDonald is playing an essential role in the success of OSI Company. The company is expected to keep on improving, since, MacDonald is planning for more strategies to get more customers. OSI’s main goal is to remain to give customers the best services compared to other providers.

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