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The Medical and Aesthetics Practice of Dr. Mark Mckenna

Dr. Mark McKenna is more than just your average doctor. This phenomenal guy has his hands planted in a variety of subjects including real estate and business. McKenna is very accomplished as well as very well-liked. He has helped in the rebuilding process of New Orleans after it was hit by Hurricane Katrina 13 years ago. During this time, the medical doctor had a successful real estate development firm, and it was bringing-in millions on an annual basis. Dr. McKenna himself was generating at least $500,000 per year from this business. Thanks to having such good knowledge in real estate, he would go on to build low-to-moderate incoming housing for a number of the city’s inhabitants. On another note, Dr. Mark McKenna was able to buy abandoned properties in which he “flipped” for a profit.

Since the deadly hurricane completely destroyed his business, McKenna would move on to other things. Dr. Mark McKenna’s newly founded company, OVME, is a revolutionary practice that specializes in medical aesthetics. The practice is located in Atlanta’s affluent Buckhead community, and it offers plenty of minimal-invasive procedures. One of the company’s best features is that the customers can receive the services right from their own homes. That’s right!

OVME uses an advanced application for ordering services, and the application will list all of the local medical providers in the area. No one has seen anything like this before. Dr. Mark McKenna uses his mind in ways that other people can’t comprehend and this is why he is so successful.

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