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See What Made Anthony Petrello the Philanthropic CEO He Is Today

     Being a CEO comes with great responsibilities that sometimes make your personal comfort hard to get. Because of their high-level responsibilities, most CEOs have busy schedules and tasks that their firms expect them to meet. This means these CEOs lack event time to go and make a difference in the communities that surround them. However, this is not so with Anthony Petrello. As the CEO of Nabors Industries, he has managed to set time to interact with the community despite having some busy schedules. This is what has earned him a title of being a philanthropic CEO. He has also made his team catch up with the same spirit of helping communities develop.

Many people will continue to remember him for kind of immense assistance he offered to the victims of the Hurricane Harvey in Houston communities in 2017. The kind of assistance he gave along the Gulf Coast just showed how selfless and compassionate Tony is. When the disaster occurred, Tony and his Nabors Industries went to the disaster location and set out a kitchen. The main purpose of the kitchen was to ensure the locals got hot meals from it three times a day. At Nabors, it is known that giving back to the community is an agenda Tony cannot do away with.

Due to his numerous interactions with the community, Tony was able to get an opportunity to attend a party called Broadway star Tommy Tune. The party was organized and held at the Shadyside estate that belonged to Tony. He attended the party with his wife, the advisory board of the Miller Outdoor Theater and some other 50 friends. However, Tony didn’t just have all his life moving in his desired direction. He faced a down moment together with his wife when their daughter Cerena developed periventricular leukomalacia. She was born weighing 20 ounces since she was just 24 weeks old. The neurological condition was diagnosed after birth. This made him desire to know what causes the problem and what solution was available for it.

Tony showed a strong quest for intellect when he was a young person. It is the struggles of life that taught Tony how to work hard and appreciate money. He studied mathematics and logic and later proceeded to Yale University for further studies through a full scholarship program. At Yale, Tony had the opportunity to meet a mathematical theorist called Serge Lang, the man behind the number theory. He is a man who has given medical research all the moral, emotional and financial support it needed.

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