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A Look At OSI Industries European Expansion

Just outside of Chicago, Illinois, there is a privately held multinational company known as OSI Industries. They supply a lot of the food that is eaten in quick-serve restaurants around the world. Their processed food also shows up in grocery store frozen food aisles as the grocery store’s own brand. They have a global supply chain which means they can efficiently deliver food to where ever it needs to be. They are also able to modify what they offer to fit each of their client’s particular needs.

In order to grow its European operations OSI Industries bought Baho Foods for an undisclosed amount, a deal which was completed on August 8, 2016. Baho Foods is located in the Netherlands and it has facilities both in that nation and in Germany. At the time of this sale the COO and president of OSI Industries, David G. McDonald, said that Baho Food’s portfolio, including both their brands and products, meshed very well with his company’s processing strengths. The combined company would be even better able to meet the needs of their clients, he said.

The purchase of Baho Foods included all five of their subsidiaries. These are Vital Conveniences, Bakx Foods, Gelderland Frischwaren, Q Smart Life, and Henri van de Bilt. Their food is provided to consumers in 18 countries across Europe. The management team of Baho Foods stayed in place after the sale was completed. Managing Director John Balvers of Baho Foods said that becoming a part of OSI Industries was pretty exciting and he was looking forward to the future of his company.

OSI Industries has also been expanding its Spanish operations in recent years. This expansion also began in 2016. Their operation in that country is called OSI Food Solutions Spain. Their facility there is located in Toledo and they expanded it to include a high capacity production line which doubled the amount of chicken they can process. Between chicken, beef, and pork they can process 45,000 tons of food at this facility annually.

In addition to this new production line, OSI Industries also tacked on another 22,600 square foot structure to this facility. This area has an area for employees to eat or hang out during their breaks, an area to ship and receive products, a production hall, and an area for equipment they need. David McDonald said a result of this expansion is that they will be able to offer new food items to their clients in the future.

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