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OSI Industries Continues to Grow Through the Acquisition of Baho Food

OSI Industries has made many major expansion announcements in the past several years. The company has been named over multiple years as one of the top producers of food in the United States. It is also one of the top companies in America that is privately held. While OSI Industries has a major presence in the United States and many companies it owns are household names, the company also has a major stronghold throughout the world. In fact, OSI Industries has a presence as a major distributor of value-added foods in seventeen countries throughout the globe. Of those seventeen countries, there are more than sixty major plants where OSI Group operates. The company specializes in producing and distributing the finest quality of meat available that is value-added. OSI specializes in producing chicken and other poultry products, meat products, sausages, bacon, hot dogs, and a variety of other specialty meat items.

In fact, OSI Industries is one of the few global companies that prides itself on producing specialty and highly customizable meat products for its clients. Trends in the food industry are always changing. That change may be simply on a seasonal basis, or may evolve to accommodate trends such as the growing gluten-free movement or the desire to eat more varieties of meat such as lamb and goat, among traditional meat staples like beef and chicken. The OSI Group has an entire division that specializes in sitting down face-to-face with clients to tailor meat production to meet the wishes of their specific client base. OSI works with every type of food provider, from distributors to restaurant chains, and even to the finest dining restaurants in the world. The goal of these sit-down meetings is to establish specific meats that can then be translated into customized menu items that these restaurateurs and food chains can delight their customer base with. This is a rare thing in the world of meat distribution.

OSI Industries works with a global client base to offer value-added meats. The company is always acquiring new companies that align with its vision of providing the highest quality in meats. For example, the company just acquired Baho Food. This company is based in the Netherlands, where it is a household name. Baho Food also operates in Europe where its meat and poultry products are widely consumers. The company is another gem in OSI’s portfolio of companies seeking to provide the world’s finest meats.

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