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David Giertz: Why You Should Wait Before You Start Taking Social Security Benefits

Imagine if you are five years away from retirement and you have no money saved up for your retirement. How will you feel? You will probably be scared to death. It is extremely hard to save up enough money for all those years of retirement in such a short time. There is no way you can do it unless you really scrimp and save. That is why David Giertz always tells his clients to start saving for retirement as soon as possible.

There are various ways you can make the most out of social security as well. Many people simply do not know the first thing about social security. They don’t know how to maximize the potential of their social security benefits. David Giertz helps his clients out with that as well. Here are some tips from David Giertz on how to use social security the right way.

The fact is that social security was better for our parents than it is for us. We are faced with lower payments and more people who are on social security. Therefore, you need to know the rules of the game if you want to play to win.

The fact is that a third of social security beneficiaries are getting a lot less than what they can get from social security. Eighty six percent of people did not know the first thing about what causes their social security benefits to be the amount that they get. They do not know how to get more from social security and what they need to do.

The first mistake that people make is starting to take social security benefits way too early. You can start taking the benefits once you reach the age of sixty two, but the fact is that if you are able to wait another three years until you reach the age of sixty five, there is a good chance that your monthly social security checks will be a lot larger. That is why you need to have money to live off of in the form of savings so that you can wait for a little and not be in a hurry.

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