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O2Pur Poses Possibility

As the landscape of the tobacco industry changes, e-cigarettes are being hailed as the future. The Motley Fool even described them as such in an article in March 2017 devoted to investing in the industry.

Three of the big names in the industry were British American Tobacco (BAT), Reynolds-American, and Philip Morris International. Since that article was published, BAT purchased Reynolds-American–which had been one of the early entrants in the e-cig market. There is another, more independent, company in the industry that is worth keeping an eye on: O2Pur. Unlike the aforementioned companies, this is a company that has freedom to be itself.

What O2Pur does have in common with BAT and Phillip Morris is that it stands to do well in a landscape that is rapidly shifting away from traditional cigarettes. That smoke-free future is one for which Phillip Morris is actively planning–and one in which O2Pur is poised to be quite successful. The possibility that the company holds not only for today but also the future makes the e-cigarette manufacturer a good investment opportunity.

While BAT and Phillip Morris are behemoths, O2Pur is reasonably-sized. Its size allows for it to be more lithe and flexible in its approach to the industry. The company’s size means that it has the ability to adapt more easily than its larger competitors whose size makes them more locked into a particular approach to the industry.

This particular e-cigarette company delivers the things that users are most looking for, too. It provides convenience for those looking to enjoy smoking without the hassles associated with traditional cigarettes. It offers up full flavor. It does this all at a reasonable price–making it competitive within the market.

This is a company that is definitely one to watch. It has great possibility moving forward toward an even more heavily e-cig oriented future.

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