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Matt Badiali Has Introduced Freedom Checks And They Are Legitimate

The latest buzz is about a video featuring Matt Badiali that went viral almost instantly. He is discussing an investment called freedom checks and many people are wondering if this is yet another scam. The good new is freedom checks are legitimate or Matt Badiali would not be recommending them.

Congress enacted freedom checks under the 26-F statute in 1987. This statute has legal requirements that have currently been met by 568 companies. This entitles these businesses to issue freedom checks legally. These companies are operating tax free because they have met the two requirements. Ninety percent of their revenue must come from producing, storing, processing and transporting oil and gas within the United States. They must additionally pay their shareholders freedom checks. Read more at Agora News about Freedom Checks.

The reason so many people have assumed freedom checks are fraudulent is because they do not understand the basics of the investment. Investments in freedom checks can be made using an online brokerage account. The investment Matt Badiali is recommending are referred to as freedom checks, MPL’s and master limited partnerships. He discovered this investment while traveling the globe and learned freedom checks were exclusive to 568 companies. These companies produce, process, store and transport oil and gas. They conduct explorations for new wells, transport using pipeline networks and refine oil and gas from the Marcellus Shale, the Permian Basin, the Bakken Shale and numerous additional oil and gas fields located within the United States.

A freedom check is received as a type of return for a direct investment into the company. These payments are referred to as distributions and are a lot like a traditional stock dividend. Matt Badiali refers to these payments as freedom checks. These payments are not regarded as income but as a return on capital. This means the investors are not paying income tax on the freedom checks they receive. Purchasing these shares is easy and a separate account is not necessary. The distribution can be received as a direct deposit in the investors brokerage account or in a check. Read this article at

The top investors have received freedom checks as high as $50,000 in a one month period. Most people will not collect anything quite this big because their investment will be much smaller. Freedom checks have doubled and tripled the profits made from the conservative types of investments. It does not take an extreme amount of funding to invest because there are MLP’s for under $10.


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