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Meet Dr Jennifer Walden: An Expert in Cosmetic Surgery

How we relate to others in our daily activities is influenced by so many factors. Among the leading factors is our physical appearance. Many people will keep saying that only the inner part matters but we know that we have at one point felt inferior influenced by what we feel about our appearance.

In many cases, it is just a defect that can be fixed by going through cosmetic surgery. However, many people are paranoid because of the negative reviews they have heard about surgeries going wrong. Others are just not ready to face the judgment of having the change in appearance from the society.

Dr Jennifer Walden, a cosmetic surgeon who has been in the field for eight years, says that it is advisable to undergo surgery if need be. Dr Walden says that she is a rarity in the field because just like Wall Street, it is dominated by males. For this reason, every day of her life in her job is spent trying to prove credibility in her job.

Dr Walden says that one main reason why they are few women in the cosmetic surgery career is that one spends so much time in school. Many women are not ready to be married late and have kids at their old age.

Dr Walden says that as much as there challenges of being a woman in the industry, there are pros as well. Statistics show that 91% of the patients of cosmetic surgery are women. These women are not undergoing the process to attain a perfect ‘’dolly’’ look but to get rid of the saggy parts of their body. They prefer a fellow woman who understands the changes in their body.

Dr Walden says that she loves her job because through it she empowers fellow women by boosting their self-confidence by giving them a better look. If she ever realized she wasn’t fulfilling this purpose anymore, she would quit her job the same day.

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