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Dr. Dov Rand: Living Healthy, Well Into Old Age

He obtained his medical degree from the renowned Albert Einstein College of Medicine after completing his residency at the institution. He is licensed to practice as a doctor in New Jersey.

Dr. Dov explains the hormone levels in the blood and advises on the best combination of exercises, replacement hormones, and nutritional supplements to get you on the path to better health.

Dov Rand is passionate about regenerative medicine (Northnewjerseyhcg). He has published numerous peer-reviewed papers on the subject and continues to post interesting and useful articles online.

He is committed to helping people age gracefully and with dignity. This has earned him significant industry recognition. He has won various awards for his efforts to assist patients selflessly.


Experience and expertise

Dov Rand has spent over fifteen years on anti-aging and regenerative medicine. He employs a customized plan that enables each patient to achieve the benefits of optimal health. This includes wide-ranging programs targeting men’s health and personalized wellness programs for women.

Besides hormone therapy, he consults on men’s conditions such as sexual performance, excess body fat, andropause, mood imbalances and adrenal fatigue. Likewise, he consults on various conditions in women including chronic fatigue, menopause, weight loss and thyroid imbalances.



Anti-Aging specialist in New Jersey

Dov Rand is at the forefront of groundbreaking research into anti-aging therapies. He has been vocal about the benefits of using hormone replacement therapy to treat cases of injury to the brain.

Furthermore, he maintains an unshaken stance on the safe use of testosterone therapy. He has built a powerful reputation, which has made him a trusted name in the greater New Jersey area.

He is distinguished not only for his expertise but also for his friendly and inclusive attitude when dealing with patients. He is genuinely engaged in the health of his patients.

Dov Rand possesses positively contagious enthusiasm that makes it easy to relate to him. Through his efforts, you can enjoy superior outcomes from integrative clinical programs that enable you to achieve optimal health and wellness well into old age.



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