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Graham Edwards: The Mastermind Behind the Astounding Success of Telereal

Graham Edwards is the chief executive officer of Telereal Trillium, one of the biggest property organizations in the UK. Telereal Trillium,, is a privately held company that manages and owns a portfolio worth £6bn with housing being 1% of the UK’s workforce and a complete floor area of 86 million sq ft. Also, this company is headquartered in London with 201 to 500 employees. Their specialties include residential development, public sector land, strategic land, property development, estate transformation, strategic asset management, property partnerships, and property investment.

Graham Edwards graduated in 2017 from the King’s College in London, the United Kingdom. He has a masters of arts degree in international relations and national security studies. He also earned a masters of arts degree in economics in 1987 from the University of Cambridge (About).

Telereal Trillium has been under Graham Edwards’ leadership of CEO since its inception in 2001. From the start to now, he has made this organization one of the ultimate leaders in the UK’s property developer market. And so far, Telereal Trillium has gained partnerships for long periods of time with some of the biggest occupiers of the UK, including DVLA, the Department for Work and Pensions, Aviva, and BT. These clients are very satisfied with Telereal Trillium’s track record in risk management, cost reduction, business transformation, and capital release.

It was recently reported how Graham Edwards assists in cementing Telereal Trillium as one of the top UK property developers. When this company first began, they entered into a strategic 30-year property partnership with BT Plc. which is worth £2.38 billion. Through this contract, the company was created in which they were a joint venture between Pears and Land Securities Trillium before this contract. In January 2009, Telereal Trillium acquired Trillium from Land Securities Group Plc (,28.htm). With this deal, the company’s expertise resulted in investment, property partnerships, and development which ultimately resulted in an annual revenue of £1 billion.

Telereal Trillium has also gotten recognitions over the years. They received the Investors in People award in 2006. They also were honored in 2009 with The Norwood Property Lunch Property Deal of the Year award.


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