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Stream Energy and its Relationship Which Emphasizes Philanthropic Giving With Its Associates

Part of Stream Energy’s innovative direct selling business model involves supporting its associates in their endeavors and in time of need. The multi-level marketing company boasts of hundreds of independent associates residing in different parts of America. The associates sell the company’s energy services, which are available in seven states, and wireless, protective, and home services, which are available throughout America. The independent associates earn income and other parks based on a number of new clients and associates they recruit.

Stream Energy’s associates are keen on philanthropic activities, especially helping homeless children. And the company matches up to their expectations. The firm’s leadership and associates work with Hope Supply Co. to make homeless children’s dreams of visiting water parks come true. In 2016, for instance, Stream financed 1,000 Northern Texas children to visit Hawaiian Falls at The Colony and Hawaiian Falls at Mansfield. The two-day experience cost Stream $6,000. The company leadership and associates took time to interact with the homeless children and even provided them with essential supplies.

Towards the end of 2017, many of Stream Energy associates were part of the 30 thousand people displaced by Hurricane Harvey. The company’s associates started a crowdfunding campaign to help their distressed counterparts, and Stream matched contributions to the campaign up to $25,000. Moreover, the retail energy company acted on behalf of the American Red Cross (with the mandate from the non-profit) by accepting donations from the non-profit, which were later delivered to the victims of the disaster.

Stream Energy and Stream associates, through Operation Once in a Lifetime, provided moral and financial support to the less fortunate Dallas-area veterans. The utility firm catered to the transportation cost of the veterans and their families to a venue where they enjoyed lunch, with Stream associates by their side. The company did not stop there as it went further to co-host the American Girl Doll experience for children of military personnel.

Through its philanthropic efforts, Stream Energy exemplify the narrative that it is possible and necessary to build a huge corporation while paying attention to humanitarian needs around us. The company is leading by example.

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