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Biography of Jordan Lindsey, Latest Trends in Forex Market

Jordan Lindsey is probably most well known because he is the Founder of JCL Capital. He started from humble beginnings, growing up in New York, and he was an avid fan of sports and played them a lot growing up. His two favorite sports were tennis and ice hockey. Since he was a competitive young man while growing up, he also had a natural inclination to be a business owner and an entrepreneur. Even from a young age, Jordan Lindsey knew that he wanted to create something bigger than himself so that he could change the world.

The first time that Jordan Lindsey visited San Francisco, California, he immediately enjoyed the place. He liked how most people in and around the San Francisco area were encouraging to their peers, and often told them to create something new. Creating a business that constantly strives to improve itself and better serve the customer is what ultimately drove Jordan Lindsey to be a successful entrepreneur.

Currently, Jordan Lindsey is a veteran in the algo trading market and has also founded several companies in the technology and the financial services industry. He has taught himself to code, as well as how to become a systems architecture designer. He studied at Mount Angel Seminary and also St. Joseph’s College. He has lived in Argentina, Bosnia, and Mexico. While in Bosnia, he met his wife. They fell in love and had three daughters together.

Jordan Lindsey created a trading platform that would allow people to trade on the foreign exchange markets, which are some of the largest markets in the world. He also creased his won cryptocurrency through an initial coin offering (ICO), and that allowed him to make money when the crypto currency went up in value due to supply and demand. He also launched a successful crowdsale on the Waves Platform for the nucleus token.

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